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Year 13 Homework and revision planner


For THIS week (Monday 2nd/Wednesday 4th)

If I have not yet seen a continuous draft of the development, I would like to see progress towards this, otherwise you can submit either Composition 1 or Composition 2, depending on what needs the most work.


  • For NEXT week
    • Reading task on Patronage and Commission here on Moodle – (A group Thursday 12th / B group Friday 13th)
    • Test on Poulenc (A group Tuesday / B group Thursday)
    • Review of AoS E Core Wider Listening (Ravel / Webern / Poulenc – notes are in revision book, scores in green book)

End of term revision check

Please hand in the following in the lesson on THURSDAY 12th DECEMBER (I shall return them the next day)

  • Notes on all essay topics (either in revision booklet or in your own format)
  • Haydn annotated score
  • Poulenc annotated score
  • Debussy annotated score