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Year 13 HW (w/c 25th Jan)

  • Please complete the research tasks for Topic I: Melody and Motif (Google Classroom) by Wednesday 3rd February. Please upload a scan of your notes so I know you have completed this work. There will be a timed essay on this on Wednesday 10th February and a Short Answer Test on ONE movement from the Haydn (some stuff to help you with revision is here)
  • Please review the Debussy for a test on Friday 5th February. Debussy Review task here (on Google Classroom)
  • Please hand in your composition work on Friday 12th February on Google Classroom for Portfolio Assessment 3. This will be the first and last time that I will give you a proper full mark for this work before it is finally submitted at Easter. You MUST please make sure that the new coversheet pasted at the beginning of your log is completed so I can see what you have done. I am putting this up as I do feedback so if you have not had feedback yet (or not submitted) you may have to wait a few days.

Year 13 HW (January 15th)

  • You should hand in the corrections on your current composition by the end of today (Friday 15th)
  • Complete the Core Wider Listening review task (on GC) by the end of Tuesday 19th. We will have a test on this during the lesson on Wednesday
  • Prepare for a timed essay on Essay Topic M on Friday 22nd. There is a Review task on GC on Tuesday 19th to help you in this preparation.

Year 12 HW (w/c 25th January)

  • Complete the revision task on Google Classroom ready for the test on Thursday 28th
  • Complete the initial research task for Topic F (Orchestration) on Google Classroom. Due Tuesday 2nd February.
  • Complete your composition corrections and write a codetta (in the dominant). You should transpose it into the tonic for the coda and, if you want to be fancier, extend it. There are some notes on Codas at the bottom of this page There is then some more copying and pasting to make the recap. You need to copy and paste S1 at the end of your composition as it is. You need to rewrite your transition so it does NOT modulate. You then need to copy and paste S1 again to make the transposed S2, which is now the same as S1. A nice little extension would be to change S2 this time round to make the recap of it varied. (due Friday February 5th)

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