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Year 13 HW w/c September 10th

Submission: Group C end of Wednesday / Group D end of Tuesday

You need to make a proper start on your WCT composition – hand in some sketches and a log with any relevant parts filled in (i.e. influences and perhaps WCT Features)

WCT Weekly log (Sonata)WCT Weekly log (Sorceror)

  • Try and write at least one 8-ish bar idea, preferably two contrasting ones
  • Use the resources on the WCT Hub (e.g. look at Basic idea and phrase structures)
  • Use the resources on the Composition Moodle to find models and things to steal
  • Use the relevant handout to help you (on Moodle)

Summer Homework

When you start year 13 in September, we will have three tests that you need to prepare for over the summer

  1. Development of the Symphony topics A-E – this is the foundational stuff that we will build on for the remaining essay titles (next FRIDAY – not Thursday as I said to C group)
  2. Haydn short answer (WEDNESDAY)
  3. Poulenc short answer (to make sure it is still in your brains after the summer break before we start on Debussy) (WEDNESDAY)

There are revision aids on Moodle (I am currently re-organizing the quizzes) and notes both there and on here. I would practice making notes for the Dev. of the Symphony and then test yourself to see if you have got them right.




Homework until end of term (year 12)

This is the homework that needs doing by the end of term (my two groups are at different points in the different bits but we should all be there by next week!)

Composition (all uploaded by the end of term)

NOTE: you are not required to put all your C20 sketches together into a piece, but you may if you wish – ask me if you want advice

  • Pentatonic sketch
  • Octatonic sketch
  • Whole tone sketch
  • Serial sketch (a link to some notes on Serialism here)
  • 32-bar song form sketch

Twentieth century

  • Annotate and revise Poulenc for a test on Friday 6th July (revision notes / annotated score – password protected on Moodle)
  • Listen to and read about the Debussy Voiles Core Piece 1 (notes on Moodle as well as tracks) before you complete the comparison table in the booklet


Year 12 HW

Music Theatre Composition
Music Theatre Composition Brief

  • First submission – Friday 22nd June
  • Second submission – Friday 6th July
  • Final submission – Thursday 12th July

C20 Composition

Pentatonic sketch (pentatonic notes)
Deadline: B group Wednesday 13th January / D group Tuesday 19th January

Octatonic sketch (octatonic notes)

Whole-tone sketch (whole-tone notes)

Year 12 HW w/c 10 May

Essay or other format (due in next Wed / Thur)

Please either write an essay or do a poster/leaflet on the development of harmony and tonality that we covered in class


Before next week you need to

  • roughly complete your piece (i.e. ABCABA running continuously – the final ABA can be identical to the first)
  • put in any missing WCT – come to a workshop if you can’t manage this
  • fill in the log again including the first and second pages this time please


Year 12 HW w/c 30th April


The focus this week is on making sure you have the WCT features included in your piece. Please submit the appropriate log (LOG (Rondo) / LOG (Incidental) with the WCT features table filled in (including bar numbers so I can locate them)


Please write the following essay:

“Discuss the development of the finale in the symphony from 1750-1900”

Please note that in class we discussed the list on the topic notes for this and REMOVED J.C. Bach but ADDED Tchaikovsky 6.

Your essay should discuss some earlier examples then Haydn 104 in detail then some later examples.

Yr 12 HW w/c 23rd

The focus this week is on COMPOSITION.

You must have finished all the main sections to your piece (A, B and C) ready for hand in on Tuesday 1st / Wednesday 2nd on Moodle.

Remember your C section needs to be contrasting in key, texture and thematically. Look at models on A level music and Moodle to get ideas, but the main model is Haydn Symphony No. 2

Music: score

Another possible model is Bach Op. 18 No. 4