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Year 13 Homework w/c 10th December

Composition Portfolio Assessment 2

DUE TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER but PLEASE hand in earlier and then re-submit if you change anything.

  • COMPOSITION 1: I would like PRINTED scores and logs for this as well as Sibelius files on Moodle (this should be a finished rough draft)
  • COMPOSITION 2: I just need a Sibelius file and a clear explanation in the text on Moodle of what this piece is (this should be some substantial sketches).

Revision for Mock


  • Haydn Symphony 104 – details of all four movements so you can answer short answer questions on this work with a blank score
  • Wider listening works, Haydn Symphony 104 AND Mendelssohn ‘Italian’ main points organised by topic for 15-mark essays (ESSAY WILL BE ONE FROM TOPICS A-H & L)


  • Musical Theatre – main composers and the dates of their key works. Make sure you are clear about the main comparison points you should use for musical theatre


  • Poulenc and Debussy set works so that you can answer detailed short answer questions on these works with a blank score
  • Core Listening works so that you can describe them in terms of their various parameters. You have to explain, for example, form or harmony in a Core Listening work that contrasts with the unseen listening (5 marks)



Year 13 Homework w/c 26th November

Remember to revise of Topic A/H for hybrid timed essay for this week

AoS E Revision

Revise the Core Wider listening works from the C20 ready for a test next week (Tuesday/Wednesday)


Year 13 Homework w/c 19th Nov.

Forms (Performance Programme Submission), music and accompaniments are due THIS FRIDAY


  • Topic H) Humour, drama, narrative and programme. (notes and stuff on alevelmusic)
  • Haydn 104 first movement

Review for NEXT WEEK

  • Timed essay on how the incorporation of drama and narrative affected the overall form of the Symphony (Friday for both groups)
  • Haydn 104 second movement

Hand in initial sketches (or reworked material from last year) this week on Moodle please.

Don’t neglect Composition 1 – a finished draft is due at the end of term (I will be doing a session of developments this week to help people get this section finished)

Year 13 HW w/c 5th November

Getting on with composition is the major priority. You need to have finished a draft of your Composition 1 by the end of this term and done some substantial sketches for composition 2.

Please don’t neglect planning and preparing for your recital. For most of you this is 35% of your marks. If you are not prepared, it will be pretty disastrous. Finalized programmes and due in in a few weeks along with accompaniments.

Work for next week

AoS A – please review your notes on humour and revise Haydn movement 1 for short answer questions during the lesson on Wednesday C / Friday D next week.



Year 13 HW w/c 22nd October

Work set previously for THIS WEEK

You must hand in:

  1.  your score on Moodle
  2.  your log sheet attached as a file here but also printed out filled in as follows:
    • Structure summary indicating what passages in your composition are (e.g. bars 1-16: first subject, bars 40-52: development sketch, bars 1-20: in the sorceror’s cave)
    • AT LEAST four documented influences
    • AT LEAST four WCT Stylistic features

Revision for test (C group – Friday; D group – Wednesday)
An essay on EITHER second movements OR third movements

This week we will be looking at FOURTH movements as well as reviewing the Poulenc set work.

Work set for half term

Revise for a comprehensive test on Poulenc and Debussy in the first week back after half term. You should also revise the focus wider listening works that we have so far covered (Poulenc brass trio and Webern) so you can answer the 5-mark question at the end.

You need to fill in a Free Composition Planning Document for Composition 2 to be handed in the first lesson back after half term. Please print this out for submission.

Year 13 Homework w/c 15th October

Work set last week for this week


As you prepare for the first Draft Portfolio Submission you need to consider the three things that will help you improve the most:

  • Including textures that you have stolen from other pieces and DOCUMENTED on your log
  • Including WCT features that are DOCUMENTED on your log
  • Making sure that your ideas are proper musical gestures with dynamics and articulations.

AoS E (C: Tuesday 2nd / D:  Wednesday 3rd)

Review the Debussy using the tabular summary in the Year 13 Revision Guide and the annotated score on Moodle. We will be doing review and summary tasks in the Tuesday/Wednesday lessons next week.


Make sure you review THIRD movement of Haydn and essay topic (D) for this week’s lessons please

Work set this week for NEXT and beyond

On Wednesday 24th (D) /Friday 26th (C) we will have a 30 minute timed essay on ONE of SECOND or THIRD movements.

In the first week week back after HT test there will be a test on both Poulenc AND Debussy set works in the Tuesday/Wednesday lesson.

For next AoS E lesson please review Debussy using annotated scores and table in revision notes.

Year 13 Homework (w/c 1st October)

Work set last week for this week


You should have AT LEAST sketches for first and second subjects for handing in on Tuesday / Wednesday

AoS E (C: Tuesday 2nd / D:  Wednesday 3rd)

Write a single page summary of the Webern Quartet op. 22 in terms of its STRUCTURE and SERIAL CONSTRUCTION. I want a bit more detail than you would put in an exam question but I am not looking for a novel!


Make sure you review SECOND movements of Haydn and essay topic (C) for this week’s lessons please


On Wednesday (D) /Friday (C) we will have a 30 minute timed essay on FIRST movements.

Work set this week for NEXT week

None yet set