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A2 Homework w/c 13th February

Please complete the final fingerprint (except Bells and Whistles) on Phrygian and Plagal cadences and make sure that you have completed all the others that we have done as well.

Please submit a completed draft of your composition by the end of FRIDAY on Moodle.

Please write an essay comparing the Cage and the Rag Bhairav in terms of rhythm, melody and structure (yes I know – two pieces but three parameters – it is deliberate)


Year 12 Homework w/c 13th February

Please complete preparations for your presentations on Wednesday. I would like a powerpoint from each group please.

Compose two fragments to be handed in by the end of Friday after Half Term (March 3rd)

  • Storm! You must include diminished sevenths, tremolo and plenty of rumbling and flashes in the orchestra. Use the music studied in the lesson to get inspiration – it is all there to listen to on Moodle. Try using some percussion (see this page for help)
  • Love! You must include some heart felt dissonance and chromaticism. Use the models studied in class to help you.


Notes update
Please update your Development of the Symphony notes and resubmit on Moodle. You can find a list of what should be on there HERE (additions since last time in red)

Year 12 Homework w/c 6th February


See instructions on previous week for completion of composition at least up until the recapitulation of the first subject. Please remember to label  sections.

Preparation for Monday 13th

Prepare written notes as follows:

  • Brief composer biography and details on the piece.
  • Listening notes on a particularly evocative short passage and how it achieves its effect

Table 1: Strauss – Don Juan [youtube link]

Table 2: Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique (Movements 2 and 4) [youtube link]

Table 3: Liszt – Prometheus [youtube link]

Table 4: Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 (Movements 2 and 4) [youtube link]

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