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CBSO Concerts Trips 2015/16

We have got tickets for four brilliant concerts this year. See below for details. You can book as many as you want on the booking form below, which you need to print off and take to registry with a payment:

>> Link to booking form  <<

Thursday 1st October Mendelssohn – Hebrides Overture

Mozart – Piano Concerto in Eb, K 271

Sibelius – Symphony No. 5

CBSO / Edward Gardner / Lars Vogt
Sibelius’ Symphony No. 5 is one of his most popular masterpieces. The famous horn tune at the end is magical, but even more so is the way the whole symphony builds to this moment. Brilliant young German pianist Lars Vogt is playing Mozart’s sparkling little Piano Concerto in Eb, before which Gardner is conducting Mendelssohn’s well-known depiction of a sea trip off Scotland.
Wednesday 11th November Ravel – Le Tombeau de Couperin

Shostakovich – Piano Concerto No. 2

Tchaikovsky – Symphony No. 1

CBSO / Ben Gernon / Anna Vinnitskaya
Tchaikovsky’s First Symphony is his first really significant work and in it he aimed to depict a series of wintery scenes. Shostakovich’s second piano concerto is one of his most cheerful and popular works. It was written as a 19th birthday present for his son Maxim and packs in an impressive amount of sparkling piano fireworks into its twenty minutes. Ravel’s Le Tombeau was written in homage to the Baroque composer Couperin and presents a Baroque suite spiced up with a sprinkling of twentieth century chromaticism and dissonance.
Wednesday 27th January Haydn – Symphony No. 92

Symanowsky – Violin Concerto

Brahms – Symphony No. 4

CBSO / Lahav Shani / Nicola Benedetti
The highlight of this concerto should be the fabulous Nicola Benedetti playing Symamowsky’s colourful abnd fantastical violin concerto, but Brahms’s Fourth Symphony is an undoubted masterpiece, particularly the majestic fourth movement and Haydn’s joyous 92nd Symphony should put you in a good mood from the start!
Wednesday 9th March Borodin – Polotsvian Dances

Golijov – Azul

Shostakovich – Symphony No. 15

CBSO / Alpesh Chauhan / Eduardo Vassalo
Shostakovich’s last symphony starts of in a light-hearted vein but unlike the Piano concerto from the November concert, there are many more dark moments in this intriguing and moving work.  At the other end of the spectrum is Borodin’s famous set of pieces from his opera Prince Igor, which evoke exotic Russian dances. In the middle of this Russian sandwich is a UK premier of a cello concerto by Argentinean composer Osvaldo Golijov, which is inspired by the Baroque concerto tradition.

Post Mock Workshops and Retakes (TAP)

If you got less than a B in any of the anthology questions you will be required to attend workshops as follows. If you are unable, please contact me in advance to arrange an alternative.

Tuesday 3rd February at 1.15 – Context Question (Part B3ai) Workshop

Thursday 5th February at 1.15 – AS Comparison Question (Part B3aii) Workshop

Thursday 5th February at 11.30 A2 Applied Question Workshop

Tuesday 10th February at 1.15 – AS Context AND Comparison Question RETAKES

Wednesday 11th February at 11:30 – A2 Applied Question RETAKES


January Mock Exam Timetable

The timetable for the mock exams will help you optimise your preparation:

Mock Timetable January 2014-15

AS Performance Mocks this week

Please make sure you know when your rehearsal and recording are: AS Unit 1 Exam Schedule

Availability of Music Rooms for using Sibelius

The Music Room (upstairs) is available for private study at the following times:

Monday               10.00-12.45

Tuesday              14.10-15.05

Wednesday        08.45-10.00

Friday                  08.45-10.00; 14.10-15.05

In addition you are welcome to work quietly on compositions at the side of the room but not at the following times:

Wednesday        10.00-11.15

Thursday             10.00-12.45

Friday                  10.00-11.15

The Study room is available for private study except for at the following times.

Wednesday        10.00-11.15

Thursday             10.00-12.45

Friday                  10.00-11.15

Music Enrichment Update

  • Choir (Tuesday 10.00), Chamber Choir (Friday 14.10), Wind Band (Monday 15.05) and Orchestra (Wednesday 08:45) are now up and running
  • There is a meeting NEXT Monday at 12:50 for all those interested in smaller Classical chamber groups (please email me if you cannot come)
  • Iain will be emailing about Year 12 Band auditions later this week
  • Folk Group and other student-led enrichment groups are finishing auditions this week and will soon be up and running

Any question email tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk or come and see Tom up in the music office



See below for Music Workshop times. Those marked with an asterisk are in C4 (English block) all others are in the Music Room.