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Music at University and Conservatoire (Guidance)

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A collection of links and documents to help you choose and prepare for applying to take music at University or Conservatoire. There is an excitingly huge range of very different courses out there so you need to make sure you really know what you are applying for. Spend time looking at the details of courses your want to apply for to check that they offer what you want and that you have a skills and qualifications you need to get a place and succeed.


Guardian University League Table – Music 2019

HE Music (presentation from Wednesday 13th June)

Music Applicants Extension Tasks (recommended summer term / holiday tasks for those applying for traditional music degree courses)

Mini Chorale Workbook




UCAS Conservatoires Application Home Page

Key dates:
  • 18th July – UCAS Conservatoire Apply goes live (you can’t start your electronic application for 2019 entry before this point)
  • 1st October – entry deadline for Music Applications (for drama and some other performing arts courses at conservatoires the deadlines are later)
For now, you need to start researching where you might want want to go – you might find this link a useful start:
I am presuming the references process is remaining unchanged (I have asked UCAS and will let you know if anything changes) but this link tells you how it works and you can download the paper copies from there: https://www.ucas.com/ucas/conservatoires/apply-and-track/references-conservatoires
You need to TWO paper references that are done separately for each institution to which you apply:
1) A music academic reference (I will do these for all students in consultation with your SST where necessary)
2) A music practical reference – for nearly everyone this will be their instrumental/vocal teacher
I strongly recommend that you keep ownership of this process by asking your teacher to return the reference to you for posting. I will ask you to send me electronic copies for me to fill in, print and return to you for posting.
A few things to bear in mind:
  • Remember that some colleges and some instruments will have specific audition requirements which you need to be aware of as soon as possible.
  • The Guildhall School of Music and Drama is not in UCAS Cons, but has its own application process done through its website.
  • Music Technology at Leeds and Popular Music at LIPA and BIMM are done through main UCAS process
  • A very useful (but costly) service offered by many conservatoires is the consultation lesson in which you have a lesson with one of their teachers who then offers you advice. Contact institutions directly about this

UCAS Conservatoires Overview (my powerpoint from 2018 applications)