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Year 12 Homework w/c 26th September

For Monday 3rd October
Please finish Exercise D2 in the Starting Points hand book to hand in during the lesson on Monday. Workshop at 12.00 on Friday for those who want some help.

For Tuesday 4th October (4pm)
Complete a melody using the steps outlined in Exercise H1/2 in the Starting Points Handbook. The melody should fit the following criteria AS WELL as following the instructions in the Handbook (here is a step by step sheet to help you if you want):

  1. Presented on Sibelius
  2. 12-16 bars long
  3. ABA form
  4. Written for a specific instrument
  5. Using Dynamics and Articulation (Sibelius shortcuts – will help you put dynamics etc. in)
  6. Can be slow or fast but NOT mm. 100!
  7. It should end on the tonic note of the key.

Year 12 Homework w/c 19th September

Work due for Tuesday 27th/Wednesday 28th
1. Complete Exercise E2  on Sibelius and submit it on Moodle by the end of Tuesday 20th

2. Have one more go at Exercise B2 (the two bar melody) keeping in mind all the things discussed in the lesson about having correct dissonances and the second bar being like the first. You can do it on Sibelius and submit it in the lesson or print off a new sheet (click here to download)


Work Due for Friday 30th
Fill in the sheet (click here) on proposed initial performance programme with your teacher.

Year 13 Homework w/c 26th September

B Group
(for Friday 30th)
D Group: (for Monday 3rd)

  1. Go through the Edexcel notes on Moodle and annotate the score with features
  2. Use the following to help you make a list of features that would be relevant to a question about  how Auric’s music relates to the Les Six:
    • Accessible, simple melodies (opening)
    • Harmony is basically diatonic and functional but spiced up with chromaticisms and added notes (21-25; 49-50; 64-65)
    • Surprising harmonic shifts (9, 43)
    • Rapid shifts in texture/orchestration
    • Sparkling orchestration
    • Humour / flippancy / comic exaggeration etc.

Instrumental (Due Wednesday B / Thursday D)
Write an essay comparing Corelli and Sweelinck in terms of melody and rhythm. You will need to make 24 points (6 per piece per parameter) to have a chance of getting near full marks. Please write a brief introduction and conclusion as well.

Continue your composition work and submit (B group Tuesday 4.00 / D Group Wednesday 4.00)

B Group
(for Friday 7th): Please finish Worksheet 4 (worksheets available here)

D Group (for Monday 3rd): Please finish Worksheet 3 (worksheets available here)

Year 13 Homework w/c 12th September

B Group
(for Friday 23rd ): Please read “Auric Intro” in the relevant Moodle folder. If you are feeling keen you could also take a look at the next document – ‘Les Six’.

D Group: Not yet set

For next week please read and make brief notes on “Corelli and the Baroque” which you can find in the relevant folder on Moodle.

Please choose a brief, make a plan and find a key piece or couple of pieces that will be a reference point for style, structure etc. Briefs are on the Composition Moodle.

B Group
(for Friday 23rd ): Finish Worksheet 1

D Group: Not yet set

Year 12 Homework w/c 12th September

Work due for WEDNESDAY 14th
1) Complete Exercises A1 and A3 in the Starting Points handbook. If you need any help please make sure you come to the drop-in workshop at 12:45 on Tuesday in the music room

2) Please bring your Short History of Music completed tasks to hand in

Work due for next MONDAY 19th
1) Complete Exercises A4 and A5 in the Starting Points Booklet

2) Please redo Exercise B2 from scratch on the separate sheet provided. Please note the following:

  • Check carefully that all dissonances are one of the standard listed types
  • Keep it simple
  • Make sure that the second bar is clearly based on the first
  • Do not write an accompaniment – the bass stave is just for jotting down the chords.
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