1773 Mozart No. 25

1773 W. A. Mozart Symphony No. 25 in G minor
Instrumentation Strings, 2 oboes, 2 bassoons, 4 horns
Movements I: Allegro con brio (g) II: Andante (Eb) III: Menuetto (g) IV: Allegro (g)
Overview Like Haydn’s Symphony No. 26, this is an example of the sturm und drang style.

Look at a score of this work / Listen on YouTube

Essay Points
B) 1st mov. / sonata The opening starts very stormy but the material is transformed quite quickly into a soulful oboe solo. The chords that lead into the recapitulation are woodwind and horns only.

Listen to the beginning of the first movement:

Listen to the recap in the first movement:

C) 2nd mov. Second movement is in a simple variant of sonata form and has some interesting textures at the beginning that make prominent use of two bassoons.
D) 3rd mov. / Minuet Wind and brass have a more independent role with trio having no string parts at all, just wind and horns.

Listen to the trio:

F) Dev. of orchestra More prominent and independent use of woodwind as noted above.
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