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A Level Results 2023

Congratulations to our 2023 leavers who achieved fantastic results that exceeded those of our 2019 cohort (the last time full exams were taken and graded normally). Students are off to study music at a wide range of institutions including Birmingham Conservatoire, Manchester University, Newcastle University and Birmingham University.

Summary of Results

Grades Percentage
Students A*-B


(compared to 50% nationally)

Students achieving at least a C


(compared to 75% nationally)

Pass rate


Value Added

At least as important as raw grades is how our students’ progress compares with other institutions. Our ALPS grade of 3 for music, puts us in the top 25% of institutions for progress in music. We have maintained positive value added in music (i.e. our students do better than expected) for well over a decade, a record of which we are very proud.

Previous results

Since the new A level specification started in 2017 on average 76% of our students have achieved at least a B, a record of which we are very proud.

A Level Results 2018, 2019 & 2022

A level results 2022

Grade Cumulative percentage
A 72% including two A*s
B 83%
C 90%

A level results 2018 

Grade Cumulative percentage
A 38% including two A*s
B 77%
C 92%

A level results 2019

Grade Cumulative percentage
A 31% including three A*s
B 52%
C 91%

All years pass rate: 100%


Previous results

A Level Results 2016 & 2017

A2 Results 2016
Students achieving A-B                          72%
Students achieving at least a C              100%

A2 Results 2017
Students achieving A-B                           48%
Students achieving at least a C               90%

A Level Results 2015

Congratulations to all our AS and A2 students. We have had some excellent results this year, with a big improvement at AS in particular. The headline results are as follows, but I am particularly pleased by the superb composition results, which are a testament to the hard work.of all our students.

A2 – 66% of students received an A or B

AS – 68% of students received an A or B

We had a 100% pass rate and as ever our students have gone on to a wide range of excellent departments and colleges, including Liverpool and Southampton Universities, Royal Welsh Academy of Music and Drama, Royal Academy of Music in London, Royal Northern and Birmingham Conservatoire.

(See summary of 2014 results here)

A level Results 2014

Congratulations to our A2 students for an excellent set of results:

  • 75% of students got A*-B
  • 100% pass rate

Just as importantly, students have achieved places to study music at the a range of prestigious deparments, including the following:

  • Oxford
  • Cambridge
  • Manchester
  • Birmingham
  • Sheffield
  • Royal Welsh College of Music

Excellent results (2013)

Congratulations to our music students on achieving excellent results this year. We had 100% pass rate with 64% of AS students and 67% of A2 students achieving an A or a B.

In addition, many of our A2 students are continuing their studies at some of the top institutions in the country. Two students are going to Oxford (one to study music and another chemistry) whilst others are going to study music at Manchester, Southampton and other Russell Group Universities. We also have a student going to Trinity College in London to continue his violin studies at this prestigious conservatoire.

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