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Year 12 Homework w/c 18/11

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Composition (for Tuesday 26th November)

  • Make corrections on your modulating period
  • For the LAST eight bars of your piece you need to rewrite this period so that it has no secondary dominant and does not modulate. Make sure you finish with an idiomatic cadence like I6/4 V I or ii6 – V – I and end on the FIRST beat of the final bar
  • To lead into the final eight bars, you need to write four bars (or more) of dominant pedal. You must use at least two different dissonant and chromatic harmonies discussed in class (from the WCT Fingerprints page)
  • Leave a gap of six bars or so before, so the whole structure will be:
    • Modulating period
    • 6 blank bars
    • dominant pedal with harmonies over it
    • Modified non modulating period

History (for Wednesday 27th November)

You need to use your Development of Symphony Essay booklet to research Third movements (Topic D). Read the introductory material and then use the list provided for this topic to guide you to reading about and listening to the symphonies on The Development of the Symphony pages on alevelmusic.com. You will need to do this before Wednesday, when we will discuss the topic in class ready for an essay the following week.

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