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Year 13 Homework w/c 10th December

Composition Portfolio Assessment 2

DUE TUESDAY 18th DECEMBER but PLEASE hand in earlier and then re-submit if you change anything.

  • COMPOSITION 1: I would like PRINTED scores and logs for this as well as Sibelius files on Moodle (this should be a finished rough draft)
  • COMPOSITION 2: I just need a Sibelius file and a clear explanation in the text on Moodle of what this piece is (this should be some substantial sketches).

Revision for Mock


  • Haydn Symphony 104 – details of all four movements so you can answer short answer questions on this work with a blank score
  • Wider listening works, Haydn Symphony 104 AND Mendelssohn ‘Italian’ main points organised by topic for 15-mark essays (ESSAY WILL BE ONE FROM TOPICS A-H & L)


  • Musical Theatre – main composers and the dates of their key works. Make sure you are clear about the main comparison points you should use for musical theatre


  • Poulenc and Debussy set works so that you can answer detailed short answer questions on these works with a blank score
  • Core Listening works so that you can describe them in terms of their various parameters. You have to explain, for example, form or harmony in a Core Listening work that contrasts with the unseen listening (5 marks)



Year 12 Homework w/c 10th December


You need to revise for a test at the beginning of next week on the THIRD movement.

Annotate your Haydn third movement scores using the notes and annotated score on Moodle. There are also some quizzes on Moodle to help you practice.


Write a 16-bar theme (ending on I at the beginning of the 17th bar) for strings in the same key, time signature and tempo as your tonic filler homework. You can have a woodwind doubling instrument on the melody if you like. It needs to be as follows:

  • 4-bar theme (include simple, triadic and scalic ideas which will work well for development)
  • 4-bar idea that ends on I-V imperfect cadence
  • Exact repeat of 4-bar theme

Adapt bars 5-8 so that they end on a PERFECT cadence (use ii6 or a cadential 6/4 as well). The perfect cadence will land on the beginning of the next bar (bar 17)


Year 12 Homework w/c 3rd December

Composition (for Monday A / Wednesday B)
Write about 8 bars of tonic noise (tutti and loud) according to the following parameters:

  • Instrumentation should be at least ‘a 8’: Violin I, Violin II, Viola, Cello and Bass (playing the same thing), 2 horns (on the same line) and 2 oboes or flutes PLUS timpani. You may add other woodwind and brass if you wish
  • It must have a tonic pedal and some suitable chords with/against it (list of chords here)
  • You should also include at least a few of:
    • tutti tonic chords
    • short, repetitive phrases
    • some octave unison
    • rising thirds against the pedal
    • repeated notes rather than held pedal
  • Start and end on the tonic chord
  • It is all about gesture and energy rather than writing a nice tune



Annotate your Haydn third movement scores using the notes and annotated score on Moodle.

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