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Year 12 HW w/c 27th February

Essay (due Friday 9th March in the lesson)

Write an essay on the following topic: “Discuss development of symphonic first movements in the Western Classical Tradition from 1750-1900”

Your essay should have the following structure:

  1. Introduction to first movements
  2. Discussion of earlier examples
  3. Discussion of Haydn 104 WITH BAR NUMBERS
  4. Discussion of Romantic repertoire using your last example to write a short conclusion.

Use the topic threads notes on the A level Common Resources Moodle alongside the Development of the Symphony Notes to help you write this essay.

Year 13 half term homework

Composition (due Wednesday 28th February)

Please fill out the relevant composition log (most of you are doing OPTION A). I have given guidance enclosed in brackets as shown <guidance> – this needs to be replaced with your text.

Area of Study E (due Thursday 1st February )

Please use the booklet plus the scores, notes and readings on Moodle to complete the following task.

Create your own revision booklet or series of posters that put the Core AoS E listening works (those in the paper booklet) in context and compare them in terms of STRUCTURE and HARMONY/TONALITY. The comparisons themselves would work well in some sort of visual format whether that be a table, spider diagram or whatever.

Year 12 Half term Homework

WCT (due Tuesday 27th February)

Write an extended essay OR create a pamphlet/handout that outlines the development of the symphony in the later Romantic era (see notes here). You should introduce Romanticism in music in a general way and then make sure you address the following:

  • the expansion of the first movement
  • the expansion of the orchestra
  • the increasing importance of drama and narrative in the Romantic symphony

Composition (due FRIDAY 2nd March)

1) write a short extract of music that depicts storm (see here for notes and examples)

2) write a short love theme. It must include some heartwrenching resolving dissonances such as 9ths etc. and chromaticisms (see examples studied in class here). BUT keep the harmony really simple sticking to normal HARMONIC CONVENTIONS and then you can add diminished sevenths, secondary dominants, augmented sixths etc.


Year 13 HW w/c 5th Feb

!!!Homework is COMPOSING!!!

I would like both of your pieces in on Moodle on Thursday 15th and a printed copy of the Composition 1 (WCT). In addition you must please fill out a cover sheet for both pieces of work and either print it off or attach it on Moodle. You can use this coversheet template if you wish or use your own, but it must explain the structure (including the narrative for any film scores) and mention main influences. If you want feedback in the meantime, please email me your file and questions.



Year 12 HW w/c 5th February


Hand in on Tuesday (if your lesson is Wednesday) / Wednesday (if your lesson is Thursday) HERE

You need to put your development together. A default structure (from which you can deviate, except for the last bit) might look as follows:

  1. Idea in minor (perhaps swapping an idea from top to bottom of texture e.g. violins and cellos with simple accompaniment in the middle)
  2. Another idea (perhaps going to a few other keys – you could use parallel motion of some kind – see here)
  3. A circle of fifths landing on … (notes here – your sequence in the melody should span TWO chords so then it can sequence down so write a melody for I-IV and then sequence it down a step three times)
  4. A dominant pedal in your home key (some notes here and some chords to use here)

The idea is not complexity but VARIETY. So changing the orchestration – who has the melody, how many are accompanying etc.

WCT etc

Annotate your scores from Moodle and revise for a test on Movement 1 of the Haydn on Friday next week. There will also be some musical theatre listening.

You must do at least one music theatre revision activity and one Haydn movement 1 from the quizzes on Moodle.

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