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Year 12 Homework (w/c 20th May)

Write a pentatonic extract for any combination of instruments. I am interested in ATMOSPHERE and GESTURE and you must only use 12356 of a major scale

There are notes and examples here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/3-composition-into-the-c20/new-scales/

If you have it, read the Into the Twentieth Century chapter of the Rhinegold Study Guide

Year 13 Exam Period

Revision sessions (all sessions are 90 minutes)

Session 1: Wednesday 22nd May 10.30 / Thursday 23rd 12.30

Session 2: Wednesday 5th June 10.30 / Thursday 6th 12.30

Session 3: Wednesday 12th June 10.30 / Thursday 13th 12.30

Year 13 Music Student Picnic: Friday 14th 3.30 in Mary Stevens

Please make sure you:

  • Complete the 99 Revision Questions (on Music Resources Moodle under Year 13 revision)
  • Do plenty of Moodle review quizzes
  • Re-do some dictation (also in the Year 13 revision folder)
  • Make your own notes on key symphonic repertoire (as well as by topic) and LISTEN to the excerpts (and even better whole symphonies)
  • Read the Exam tips on Moodle
  • Practice basic essay topics without notes (then check them afterwards)
  • Practice using MITS on random musical theatre repertoire
  • Listen to plenty of music by AoS E composers to help you recognise their style

ACTIVE revision little and often is best – look at a topic then answer the relevant bits of the 99 Revision Questions and/or do Moodle Quizzes. Writing essays or notes from memory is better than reading notes.

ANY PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS? ASK – I’m at the other end of an email as well as being in college anyway. I’m happy to meet up for extra sessions as needed.

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