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Comparison (Schoenberg/Sondheim)

Compare the extracts using MITS:

  • Meter/Tempo (plus any rhythmic points)
  • Instrumentation and voices (plus an textural points)
  • Tonality and harmony
  • Structural elements (form, repetitions, intros etc.)

Extract A

Marius and Cosette profess their love for each other

  1. Marius: A heart full of love
  2. A heart full of song
  3. I’m doing everything all wrong
  4. Oh God, for shame
  5. I do not even know your name
  6. Dear Mad’moiselle
  7. Won’t you say?
  8. Will you tell?
  9. Cosette: A heart full of love
  10. No fear, no regret
  11. M: My name is Marius Pontmercy
  12. C: And mine’s Cosette
  13. M: Cosette, I don’t know what to say
  14. C: Then make no sound
  15. M: I am lost
  16. C: I am found!
  17. M: A heart full of light
  18. Both: A night bright as day

Extract B

Sweeney sings to his razors. Mrs Lovett sings to Sweeney.

  1. Mr T: Speak to me, friend
  2. Whisper, I’ll listen
  3. I know, I know
  4. You’ve been locked out of sight
  5. All these years, like me, my friend
  6. Well, I’ve come home to find you waiting
  7. Home, and we’re together
  8. And we’ll do wonders. Won’t we?
  9. You there, my friend
  10. Mrs L: I’m your friend too, Mr. Todd
  11. Mr T: Come let me hold you, now with a sigh
  12. Mrs L:If you only knew, Mr. Todd, ooh, Mr. Todd
  13. Mr T: You’re warm in my hand, my friend, my clever friend
  14. Mrs L:You’re warm in my hand, you’ve come home
  15. Mrs L:Always had a fondness for you, I did
  16. Mr T: Rest now, my friends, soon I’ll unfold you, you’ll know
  17. Mrs L:Never you fear, Mr. Todd, you can move in here, Mr. Todd
  18. Both: Splendors you never have dreamed all your days
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