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Year 12 Easter Homework

Please make sure you have handed in your Rondo and your photocopies and programme for the Performance Assessment by WEDNESDAY 31st

AoS A and Haydn 104

Year 12 Homework w/c 15th March

Composition (Tuesday 23rd March – end of day)

  • Do the corrections on your last submission
  • Write a B section (see instructions on GC)


  • Complete Review Task on Movement 4 by TUESDAY. BEFORE THE LESSON


Please submit the form on Google Classroom either filled in or scanned. You can EITHER submit your music electronically as scans on Google Classroom OR as a printed copy to me. You need not resubmit music that you are repeating but clearly indicate below whether or not the piece was in your initial performance. Deadline is the last Monday of this half term. The performances will be in the week beginning Monday 14th June.

Year 13 Homework

Exam Preparation

You need to revise:

Google Drive Revision Resources

Year 12 HW w/c 1st March


AoS A – Western Classical Tradition

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