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Yr 12 HW w/c 23rd

The focus this week is on COMPOSITION.

You must have finished all the main sections to your piece (A, B and C) ready for hand in on Tuesday 1st / Wednesday 2nd on Moodle.

Remember your C section needs to be contrasting in key, texture and thematically. Look at models on A level music and Moodle to get ideas, but the main model is Haydn Symphony No. 2

Music: score

Another possible model is Bach Op. 18 No. 4



Year 13 Homework w/c 16th April

Friday 27th April Final Composition Deadline

Please upload finished work into FINAL SUBMISSION folder on Moodle for admin checks. Please check that you have submitted all of the following for all your pieces.

1) PDF of score (please put a copy of the original Sibelius file on your H drive in a folder called “Music Unit 2 Submission”)

2) Sibelius file AUDIO VERSION (you should export it to a WAV file and put it on your H drive in a folder called “Music Unit 2 Submission”).

3) Coversheet in PDF format

4) Final version of log IN WORD FORMAT

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