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Music Activities and Calendar (2022/23)

(see lower down page for assessment deadlines, workshops etc.)


  • Monday 7th November  Autumn Concert at 7.00 in Main Hall
  • Tuesday 13th December Carol Service at 7.00 in Main Hall
  • Wednesday 8th February Concert of Solo Year 13 Recital Music 7.00 in Chambers

  • Tuesday 25th April – Chamber Music Concert at St John’s Church in Hagley RESERVE TICKET HERE (free)

  • TUESDAY 9th May College Concert at 7.00 in Main Hall  RESERVE TICKET

  • June Band Night to be confirmed.

Choirs and Ensembles

All are welcome to join our various choirs, orchestras and ensembles. Please just turn up to the first rehearsals as advertised below.

Choir (Hall)
Rehearsals – Thursday at 1.40 (first rehearsal Thursday 15th September)

Wind Band (Hall) / String Orchestra (Music Room)
Rehearsals – Friday at 8.45 (first rehearsal Friday 16th September)

Orchestra (Hall)
Rehearsals – Friday at 10.00 (first rehearsal Friday 16th September)

Chamber Music (Small Classical Ensembles)
We will have a short meeting on Thursday 22nd September in common time in the MUSIC ROOM at 11.20. If you can’t make this please email tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk.


We will have a meeting to start getting some bands together on Wednesday 21st September at  common time in the MUSIC ROOM at 12.30. If you can’t make this please email tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk.

Workshops (changed for Spring Term)

Year 12

Monday 2.50 Late starters catch-up

Tuesdays 12.30-1.30 Composition Workshop

Wednesday 11.30-12.30 Composition Workshop

Wednesday 11.30-1.00 General drop-in workshop (not composition)

Year 13

Tuesday 11.30-12 – Short answer practice

Wednesday 12.30 – Composition drop-in

Wednesday 1.40 – Composition drop-in

Thursday 12.30  – Short answer practice

Friday 1.40 – Composition drop-in

Music Key Assessment Dates (Year 12 / Year 13

  • w/c 3rd October Year 13 Practice Exam 1
  • Friday 7th October Deadline: Year 12 Initial Performance – Prog. Submission and scanned copies on Google Classroom
  • Friday 21st October Year 13 Composition Portfolio Submission 1 / Programme and scanned music for practical assessments on Google Classroom
  • w/c 7th November Year 12 Initial Performances
  • Wednesday 14th December Year 13 Composition Portfolio Submission 2 
  • 4th – 13th January Year 13 Official Mock Exam
  • w/c 16th January Year 13 Performance Assessment Mocks
  • Friday 17th February Year 13 Composition Portfolio Submission 3
  • Friday 3rd March Deadline for Year 12 Internal Performance Exam programmes and photocopies 
  • March / April Year 13 Assessed performance (dates allocated by Eduqas in February)
  • w/c 8th March Practice Year 13 Exam 2
  • Thursday 30th March Year 13 Composition Portfolio Submission 4
  • Wednesday 3rd May Final deadline for all Year 13 finished composition portfolios
  • w/c 8th May Practice Year 13 Exam 3
  • Wed. 10th May-Friday 19th May Year 12 End of Year Exams 
  • Thursday  25th May Year 12 Internal Composition Assessment Deadline
  • Monday 12th June MUSIC EXAM (for most people in the afternoon)
  • w/c 3rd July Year 12 Internal Performance Exams and Rehearsal

Concert Trips (book on Parentmail)

(awaiting confirmation)

  • CBSO at Symphony Hall – Wednesday 2nd November 2.15 (details here)
  • CBSO at Symphony Hall – Thursday 19th January 7.30 (details here)
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