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5 – Calendar and Music Activities


Performance Calendar  (Rehearsal times and concert dates for 2017-18)

w/c 26th March

A Level Performance Exams – see schedule

A level mock (in lesson times)

Monday 16th April Choral Evensong at 5.00 in St Mary’s Oldswinford
Thursday 17th May College Concert at 7.30 in Main Hall

Explorations in Music

The original Wednesday time for these short lectures has proved to be impossible so I have rearranged the rest of the series as follows to happen in Monday break. Do come along if you can:

Explorations in Music (relaunch!)

Mondays at 11.00-11.20 in the Music Room (TW1.12)

All students welcome – biscuits provided

  • Monday 29th January: Growing pains: tuning and  temperament (come along to laugh at my maths skills!)
  • Monday 12th FebruaryAnalysing the tin soldier: Music, meaning and intention (come along to challenge my spurious philosophising)
  • Monday 12th March: The genius of three blind mice: music analysis in the C20 (come along to marvel at the fact that I wasted more than a decade of my life as a student and then lecturer thinking and talking about this bizarre theory – get some background here: http://www.schenkerguide.com)


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