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5 – Calendar and Music Activities


Performance Calendar  (Rehearsal times and concert dates for 2017-18)

Wednesday 10th January Music Trip to see Wicked in London
w/c 12th February Concert of Solo Year 13 Recital Music in St
Saviour’s Church
Wednesday 7th March Concert at 7.30 in Kidderminster Town Hall
(Theme: Dies Irae)
Saturday 3rd March Evensong in Birmingham Cathedral

Explorations in Music

The original Wednesday time for these short lectures has proved to be impossible so I have rearranged the rest of the series as follows to happen in Monday break. Do come along if you can:

Explorations in Music (relaunch!)

Mondays at 11.00-11.20 in the Music Room (TW1.12)

All students welcome – biscuits provided

  • Monday 29th January: Growing pains: tuning and  temperament (come along to laugh at my maths skills!)
  • Monday 12th FebruaryAnalysing the tin soldier: Music, meaning and intention (come along to challenge my spurious philosophising)
  • Monday 12th March: The genius of three blind mice: music analysis in the C20 (come along to marvel at the fact that I wasted more than a decade of my life as a student and then lecturer thinking and talking about this bizarre theory – get some background here: http://www.schenkerguide.com)

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