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5 – Calendar and Music Activities

Performance Calendar  (Rehearsal times and concert dates for 2017-18)

Chamber Choir – Mondays at 14.55 in the Main Hall

Choir – Wednesdays at 11.10 in the Main Hall

String Orchestra  – Fridays at 9.00 in the Music Room

Wind Band – Fridays at 8.45 in the Main Hall

Orchestra – Fridays at 10.00 in the Main Hall

Upcoming concerts

Wednesday 22nd November Autumn Concert at 7.30 in Main Hall
Tuesday 12th December Carol Concert at 7.30 in St Mary’s Church


Explorations in Music

A series of twenty-minute university-style lectures to amuse,
stimulate discussion and perhaps give you something to talk about in interviews.

Wednesdays at 1.30-1.50 in the Music Room (TW1.12)

All students welcome – bring your lunch.

Wednesday 4th October – Shut up and listen? Music as art work or activity

Wednesday 15th November – Growing pains: tuning and temperament

Wednesday 17th January – Analysing the tin soldier: Music, meaning and intention

Wednesday 28th February – The genius of three blind mice: music analysis in the C20

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