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Year 12 Homework w/c 23rd November

Composition (submit on GC by Friday 27th)

Please complete the remaining bars (see booklet for instructions):

1) Augmented sixth in bar onto dominant pedal in bar 15 (already written) 2) Circle of fifths from 10-13 (back in your HOME key). Write the first two bars then sequence exactly – don’t make it any more complicated
3) Write a bar that leads nicely into your circle of fifths in bar 9
4) Rewrite your A section so that it doesn’t modulate (so from the s.d. onwards it is all down a fifth) and put that as the last eight bars

Preparation for assessments (on Thursday 3rd)

  • Complete review tasks on Haydn movement 3 (Revision then Revision Test on Google Classroom)
  • Use your notes to prepare for essay on Topic D (third movements)

Year 13 Homework w/c 23rd November

Composition submission (Friday 27th)

Please submit your work and you MUST UPDATE YOUR LOG indicating what you have done so that I can concentrate on those things that have changed.

Test Preparation

Revision booklet here (hard copy to follow)

Wednesday 2nd December – Short Answer test on movements 1 and 2 of the Haydn AND short answer test on Debussy

Wednesday 9th December – Essay test on movement 3 OR 4 AND Short Answer test on movements 3 and 4 of the Haydn

Year 13 Homework w/c 16th November

Composition (Friday)

Carry on with corrections, improvements and continuations. I will take everyone’s work in again on Friday 27th but I am happy to look at specific problems before then. Email me work with a clear question / passage to look at in the meantime.

Exam (for Wednesday)

Thoroughly learn and review the two Core Wider Listening works we have done so far (on Google Classroom). There will be a test on Wednesday

Year 12 Homework w/c 16th Nov.

Composition (by Friday)

Correct modulating period AND add the dominant pedal in bars 15-18 (on Classroom)

Review (for Tuesday)

Haydn 104 review task on here on Google Classroom

Symphony Essays review task on here on Google Classroom

Year 13 Homework w/c 9th November

AoS A Timed Essay (Wednesday 18th)

Please revise for a test on ONE of first and second movement essay topics (including Mendelssohn – see notes posted on Google Classroom)

Year 13 Homework


Please take the time to make some real progress on this and keep updating your log (linked to on your half term assessment PA1). Due in Wednesday/Friday next week,


Please revise for a topic test on Wednesday.

Homework w/c 2nd Nov.

Composition (Monday 9th)

Please complete the Minuet Orchestration task on Google Classroom

Haydn 104 (Tuesday 10th)

Please compete the Minuet Review Task.

AoS A Development of Symphony Essay (by lesson on Thursday 11th)

Please do the research task. Read, listen, make some notes then upload them for the four symphonies requested in Topic D

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