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Year 13 Homework Spring Half Term

You must practising for your performance, which could be as early as the beginning of March. Listen to recordings of assessment and showcase and use the

Revision (all due at the end of half term)

You also need to have your own programme of revision that you are following alongside this work. You need to keep both AoS E set works, the Haydn, the C20 Core Wider Listening, and development of the symphony work for the essay on the boil. For the latter, you should be updating and revising notes, probably by symphony.

You should listen to our Spotify playlists to help you with familiarity

Year 12 HW around half term


Finishing off (for MONDAY end of day after half term)

Preparation for assessments

Essay on Orchestration on TUESDAY (essay plan on Classroom due on SUNDAY of half term)

Short answer on Haydn 104 on THURSDAY (revision on Classroom due on Wednesday after half term)

Remember that your PERFORMANCE programmes are also due after half term.

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