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Year 12 HW w/c 27th January


Please write two more fragments:

  1. a dominant pedal to go at the end of the development. You must use some of these chords please. Really carefully check that you are getting the harmony right and writing things that fit with it!
  2. a coda to go at the end of the movement in the tonic. See quick guide to codas and also use the end of Haydn 104 as a model

You should now have these fragments

S1-tonic noise || Dev 1 (circle of fifths) || Dev 2 (alternating texture) || Dev 3 (dominant pedal) || Coda (in the tonic)


On FRIDAY next week (7th February) we will have a test on the Haydn first movement AND an essay on first movements. You need to prepare for these using the resources on Moodle and your essay booklet/alevelmusic

Year 12 Homework w/c 20th January

Composition (Tuesday 28th January)

Make any corrections then write two development sketches

SKETCH 1 (circle of fifths – a bit like b. 150)

Write a circle of fifths based on a fragment of your idea. You must:

  • write it in a closely related major or minor key to your tonic
  • write a melodic idea that spans TWO chords (i.e. I – IV) then sequence this idea down by step to create the circle of fifths
  • in  a minor key circle of fifths you should not raise the seventh in III (and you can decide whether to or not for vii)
  • If you want you can add some secondary dominants and/or start with an introductory few bars (a bit like b. 145)

SKETCH 2 (alternation across texture – like bb. 131-136)

This must

  • Be in another minor key
  • Create a two-bar idea based on a motif from your main melody
  • Hold a chord or repeated chords in the middle of the texture
  • the melody should alternate between an upper instrument above and a lower instrument below (it can overlap like the Haydn or not)
  • you can end with a chromatic chord into another key if you like


Please start preparing for a timed essay on FIRST movements (Topic B)

You should also look at the annotated score of Haydn 104 first movement on Moodle and update your own score. Anything you don’t understand and/or that seems tricky and we haven’t covered in class please let me know. We will have an assessment on the first movement the week after next.

Year 12 Homework w/c 6th January

Timed Essay (C Group – Thursday / D Group Wednesday)

Prepare yourselves for a timed essay on Topic F (Development of the Orchestra) using the booklet and stuff on ALM. You might want to look at the exemplar essay for the last topic


Please have another shot at the 16-bar Compound Period following carefully the instructions here:

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