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Year 13 Music Homework w/c 24th January

Prepare for essay on TUESDAY 1st February using the Google Classroom assignment to help you

Continue with composition completion handing in on MONDAY please

Year 12 HW w/c 24th January

Revise and prepare for an essay on Topic B (first movements) using the suggestions on the Google Classroom assignment as your starting point. The essay will be done in class ON WEDNESDAY 2nd.

Complete the composition tasks for this week by the end of TUESDAY. EVERYONE must hand something in please.

Year 12 HW w/c 17th January


Yr 13 Music Homework w/c 17th January

You only have two ongoing tasks this week:

  1. Power ahead with compositions on the basis of feedback. Hand in on MONDAY
  2. Do the reading and research for Patronage and Commission topic. Please START by reading the questions on the relevant sheet in your revision book (also copied on Google Classroom)

Year 12 Homework w/c 10th January

Haydn and the Symphony

  • Review and revise the exposition that we covered in class (you can always use the annotated score to help you)
  • Complete the review task on GC by the end of Monday
  • Review your notes that you did on Topic B (on Classroom) and add in the details that we did on Stamitz and CPE Bach in class


Make your corrections and hand in by the end of MONDAY on Google Classroom

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