1760 Filtz Sinfonia a 8


1760 Anton Filtz Sinfonia a 8 (Sinfonie periodiqe no. 2)
Instrumentation Strings and continuo, 2 flutes, 2 horns
I: Allegro  II: Andante III: Menuetto IV: Prestissimo
An early symphony in the galant style written by a composer at the Mannheim court.
Essay Points
F) Dev. of orchestra Score of minuet

As with all early symphonies this would have been played with continuo keyboard – an editorial realisation is suggested in the score.

A good example of the Sinfonia a 8 configuration. In the Minuet Filtz reduces further to only one flute.

The Minuet has very straightforward orchestration with the flute doubling the melody and the horns filling in harmony. Filtz is a bit more adventurous in the Trio.

Listen to the beginning of the Minuet and Trio:

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