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2 – Resources and Links

Department Resources

The music department handbook contains guidance on the various units as well as a substantial glossary of musical terms, help with harmony and a brief summary of the history of music. The following pages will also be helpful:

The college Moodle site has a range of resources (you need to log in to use these)

ChoraleGUIDE.com – all the worksheets and resources you need for A2 chorales (developed in-house not relevant for EDUQAS students)

Social media:

  • Facebook Group – current students, alumni and friends can keep in touch with what is going on
  • Twitter – updates and announcements for current students
  • Facebook Twitter Feed – for those who would rather get announcements via Facebook

General Resources

Basic Dictation exercises – intervals, melodies etc. You select the rhythm etc. first then click on the note name to input. (Teoria – this is brilliant for a free resource)

More advanced dictation exercises based on real music (Philharmonia)

Internet Music Scores Library Project – loads of free out-of-copyright scores. The best way to find a score for which that you know the details is to search from Google (e.g. “IMSLP Brahms Symphony 4”)

Internet Music Theory Database – Loads of scores and sound files demonstrating a wide range of chord progressions.

TonalityGUIDE.com – general help on basic theory (this is an old site that I no longer update, but it has some useful material)

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