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A2 Homework (w/c 27th June)

Please write TWO Allegro themes that follow this structure:

  • Presentation (2 bars of basic idea / 2 bars of repetition with different harmony)
  • Fragmentation and cadence (4 bars that begin with an idea from the presentation fragmented and sequenced and end with a perfect or imperfect cadence)

New Year 12 Students (summer tasks)

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Go through the list of key dates with your parents/guardians and make sure they are in diaries
Complete Performance initial proposals for your first music lesson
Complete the Short History of Music tasks for your first music lesson
Brush up on your basic theory:
·         Keys
·         Chords
·         Intervals
Buy a ring binder
Buy a pack of dividers (at least 10)
Make sure your instrument is in good working order
Make sure you have signed up for instrumental or vocal lessons at college or you have arranged weekly lessons with a private teacher approved by the college.

A2 Homework (w/c 13th June)

Please complete a melody in the form of a period either on Sibelius or manuscript paper (Due FRIDAY for B group and MONDAY for D group)

It needs to:

  • have the harmony indicated (and bass line if you wish)
  • follow the structure AA’ (where A ends on V and A’ ends on I)
  • follow the harmonic guidelines on the back of the brief

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