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Summer Homework

You must …

  • Complete the WCT Melody Task using the method outlined on this site. It is really important you follow the instructions on the method very carefully so that your melodies are genuinely WCT in technique, style and structure.
    [this can be done on Noteflight, Musescore or similar if you haven’t Sibelius at home and then you can upload/import it in September]
  • Update your Debussy score annotations, making sure that everything from the Debussy Revision Notes is included

You should …

  • Start planning and making some sketches for you second (and third) compositions. You can email me any work for comments over the summer if you wish
  • Do some listening to WCT Wider Listening works on Moodle, using the revision notes as a guide

You could …

  • Listen to the other movements of the Debussy (that we are not studying) [Youtube]
  • Listen  to the second movement of the Poulenc Trio that we are studying next year [Youtube]
  • Do some general background listening and reading using the SHOM pages on here as a starting point (more tracks on Moodle)



New Year 12 (starting Sept. 2017) Summer Homework

I hope you enjoyed your Welcome to College Day sessions. We have asked you to complete a couple of tasks by the time of your first music lesson in September

  • Short History of Music Task 1 and Task 2(listen to the Sample Tracks on these pages)
  • 02 AS Initial Proposals
  • Brush up on your basic theory (keys, chords, intervals etc.)
  • Make sure your instrument is in good working order
  • Make sure you have signed up for instrumental or vocal lessons at college or you have arranged weekly lessons with a private teacher approved by the college.


Year 12 Homework w/c 3rd July

Twentieth Century Composition Homework (due Friday 14th July)
Choose two of your three ideas (pentatonic, whole-tone and octatonic) and write at least two Rotations in the manner of Debussy’s Nuages.

32-bar song form composition (due Friday 7th July)
Improve and expand your 32-bar song.  You can add an introductory (sectional) verse, turn it into a duet, orchestrate it, expand the B or returning A of the AABA itself.

Performance and Composition Planning (Monday 10th July)
Please complete the planners given out in class. The compostion planner is available for download here but if you lose the performance one you will have to ask me for a new one as they are personalized.

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