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Year 12 w/c 18th March

Composition: Submit A section

  • A group end of TUESDAY (moved from Monday)
  • B group end of THURSDAY

Note: this week there is no lesson on MONDAY for A group so I will squeeze this in on Tuesday.

Year 13 w/c 18th March

This week: mock question on Poulenc/Debussy and review of Haydn 4th Mov. and Mendelssohn Essay topics

I want to see EVERYONE’s Composition 1 this week please

Next week: mock unseen listening questions (C20), review of Movement 2 and essay topics J-L

Schedule this week:

  • C GROUP (composition submission THURSDAY)
  • Tuesday: Mock question on Debussy/Poulenc
  • Wednesday: STUDY DAY
  • Thursday: Mendelssohn essay topics review / Haydn First movement
  • Friday: Musical Theatre
  • D GROUP (composition submission TUESDAY)
  • Tuesday: Mock question on Debussy/Poulenc PLUS Haydn First movement review
  • Wednesday: STUDY DAY
  • Friday: Mendelssohn essay topics review PLUS Musical Theatre

Year 13 Homework (w/c 11th March)

  • Please submit Composition on TUESDAY (Group D) / Thursday (Group C), clearly stating what you would like me to give feedback on


  • Timed Essay on Topics F-I (WEDNESDAY)
  • Debussy Revision
  • Haydn Movement 3


  • Mendelssohn Essay Topics
  • Haydn Movement 4
  • Prepare Core Wider Listening Works for Mock Question

Year 12 Homework w/c 11th March


From last week
– make sure you have submitted your Storm and Love Theme on Moodle
– listen to the Andante movement from the Haydn with the score at least twice

Internal Composition Assessment
You need to write your first section in draft and hand it by the end of Monday (A) / Wednesday (B) next week.

Year 12 Homework w/c 26th February

Composition (for the end of NEXT week – 8th March)

Write a sketch for orchestra (at least Haydn 104 size but can be larger) that depicts part of a storm.

You must include at least two of the storm features listed here on the ‘Storm Features’ page

AoS A (for next week’s double lesson – please bring to the lesson)

Find a programmatic piece by a Romantic composer and make brief notes as follows:

  • summary of composer (dates, key pieces, key facts)
  • summary of piece (date, what is it about etc.)
  • one extract from the piece (a Youtube clip or similar) and what you think is particularly interesting or effective about the music (orchestration, harmony etc.)

Year 13 Half term homework


Fill out the composition log as fully as you can. I will take it in on Moodle at the end of the first Monday back after half term. If you know you are behind in composition – please do get some extra material written for your second pieces etc.


Lots of practice. Look at the video from the Showcase, make some notes on what you could improve. Remember playing live is a visual as well as an aural experience!

Exam revision and review

There will be a timed essay on any of topics A-E in the first week back. So please review your notes and practice making bullet-pointed plans without notes and writing first paragraphs. You need to know about Haydn and Mendelssohn as well as wider listening.



Year 12 Half Term Homework

Revision and Review

Review both the first and third movements of the Haydn. You should use the resources on Moodle including the annotated scores, blank scores for testing yourself and the quizzes. I expect everyone to have done at least one quiz on each movement as a minimum. There will be a test in your first SINGLE lesson of the week.

Compile notes on Topic B – First movements and Sonata form. There will be a timed essay in your LAST lesson of the week. Use the Essay Topic Summary (B) revision frame document to help you.