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Year 12 Homework (w/c 17th June)

Area of Study E

In the w/c 1st July (in the Thursday/Friday single) there will be a test consisting of the following:

  1. Short answer analysis questions on Debussy Nuages (with blank score)
  2. Listening questions on an UNSEEN piece of music
  3. 5-mark explanation of ONE aspect of Ravel String Quartet (see notes given out in class – if you’ve lost them they are in the year 13 revision booklet on Moodle)


Put together TWO of your sketches into the opening of a piece that runs continuously


  • Essay on Overall Form in the last week of term

Year 12 HW (w/c 11th June)


Please upload ALL THREE compositions to Moodle by the end of Monday (A Group) / Wednesday (B Group)

Timed Essay

Essay on Harmony and Tonality in DOUBLE LESSON next week

Year 12 HW (w/c 6th June)

Finish an octatonic sketch of at least 8-12 bars for the next double lesson. Some notes here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/3-composition-into-the-c20/new-scales/exotic-scales-octatonic/

There will be a timed essay on the Development of the Harmony and Tonality in the Symphony during the DOUBLE lesson on Tuesday 18th / Thursday 20th June

Year 12 Homework (w/c 20th May)

Write a pentatonic extract for any combination of instruments. I am interested in ATMOSPHERE and GESTURE and you must only use 12356 of a major scale

There are notes and examples here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/3-composition-into-the-c20/new-scales/

If you have it, read the Into the Twentieth Century chapter of the Rhinegold Study Guide

Year 13 Exam Period

Revision sessions (all sessions are 90 minutes)

Session 1: Wednesday 22nd May 10.30 / Thursday 23rd 12.30

Session 2: Wednesday 5th June 10.30 / Thursday 6th 12.30

Session 3: Wednesday 12th June 10.30 / Thursday 13th 12.30

Year 13 Music Student Picnic: Friday 14th 3.30 in Mary Stevens

Please make sure you:

  • Complete the 99 Revision Questions (on Music Resources Moodle under Year 13 revision)
  • Do plenty of Moodle review quizzes
  • Re-do some dictation (also in the Year 13 revision folder)
  • Make your own notes on key symphonic repertoire (as well as by topic) and LISTEN to the excerpts (and even better whole symphonies)
  • Read the Exam tips on Moodle
  • Practice basic essay topics without notes (then check them afterwards)
  • Practice using MITS on random musical theatre repertoire
  • Listen to plenty of music by AoS E composers to help you recognise their style

ACTIVE revision little and often is best – look at a topic then answer the relevant bits of the 99 Revision Questions and/or do Moodle Quizzes. Writing essays or notes from memory is better than reading notes.

ANY PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS? ASK – I’m at the other end of an email as well as being in college anyway. I’m happy to meet up for extra sessions as needed.

Year 12

Don’t forget your performance assessments next week check the schedule:

Composition deadlines (internal assessment):

  • Friday 10th of May – FINAL DRAFT FOR FEEDBACK
  • Wednesday 22nd of May – FINAL SUBMISSION

Internal exam (Tuesday 14th or Thursday 16th May)

Your revision booklets outline what will be in this exam. Essay topics will be B to F inclusive (i.e. NOT A or G )

Year 13 – last two weeks

Composition Submission THIS FRIDAY

CHECKLIST (please note that you must have the files in a folder on your H drive called “Music Unit 2 Submission” with the filenames exactly as on the check list)

Some other things to remember:

  • For your logbook, please remember to delete red text and paragraph numbers
  • Get rid of silly titles and put on sensible ones
  • chord labels are on the whole unnecessary
  • make sure instruments are correctly labelled on the score and have short labels thoughout
  • where you have two flutes or horns etc. make sure that it is clear whether one or both play at each point

Mock next week:

D group

  • Tuesday 7th: Musical Theatre and Dictation
  • Wednesday Double : AoS E Haydn Short Answer and Essay Question on Dev. of Symphony.

C group

  • Tuesday 7th : Musical Theatre and Dictation
  • Wednesday 8th : AoS E
  • Thursday: 9th Haydn Short Answer and Essay Question on Dev. of Symphony