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Yr 12 HW w/c 23rd

The focus this week is on COMPOSITION.

You must have finished all the main sections to your piece (A, B and C) ready for hand in on Tuesday 1st / Wednesday 2nd on Moodle.

Remember your C section needs to be contrasting in key, texture and thematically. Look at models on A level music and Moodle to get ideas, but the main model is Haydn Symphony No. 2

Music: score

Another possible model is Bach Op. 18 No. 4



Year 13 Homework w/c 16th April

Friday 27th April Final Composition Deadline

Please upload finished work into FINAL SUBMISSION folder on Moodle for admin checks. Please check that you have submitted all of the following for all your pieces.

1) PDF of score (please put a copy of the original Sibelius file on your H drive in a folder called “Music Unit 2 Submission”)

2) Sibelius file AUDIO VERSION (you should export it to a WAV file and put it on your H drive in a folder called “Music Unit 2 Submission”).

3) Coversheet in PDF format

4) Final version of log IN WORD FORMAT

Year 13 Easter Revision

Please complete one of each of the main quiz types (i.e. on on each movement of the Haydn and one each on Poulenc and Debussy)

If you have already made some good revision notes this won’t take you too long! Please copy the Topic Threads notes (there is a word document version) and add notes on each of the symphonies that are offered as examples using the development of the symphony notes on alm to help you (Topics A-H). Revise these notes ready to write a timed essay when you get back.

Year 12 Easter Work


  • You need to make notes on Topics B, C, D, F. This means copying the Topic Thread notes and then fleshing them out using the notes on Development of the Symphony on here. I will take this in on our first lesson back.
  • Please complete some quizzes on Moodle (one on each movement of the Haydn please and one Musical Theatre short answer)
  • Please listen to the last movement of the Haydn with the score

On Moodle you will find a Revision Booklet for the material you need to cover for the Internal Exam. You will receive hard copies of this at the beginning of term.

Homework w/c 19th March


Please prepare for a timed essay in class on Tuesday, which could be on any one the following topics

Revise using the Topic threads for 15-mark essay notes on Moodle plus the detailed notes on Alevelmusic on Development of the Symphony

B) First movements / Sonata form
C) Second movements / slow movements
D) Third movements / Minuets
F) Development of the orchestra

Definitely NOT fourth movements 

Year 13 Homework

WCT AND AoS E Revision

  • Write an essay on a topic of your choice, giving yourself just 40 minutes to handwrite it with no notes. You can revise it first, however.
  • Complete a quiz on the Third Movement on Moodle
  • ALSO please complete a quiz on the Debussy


Make sure there is real progress this week please – hand in on FRIDAY on Moodle

Year 12 Homework w/c 12th March

REMEMBER: programmes (form here) and accompaniments are due in this FRIDAY


  • annotate your Andante Scores using the annotated score on the Common Resources Moodle
  • complete at least one Andante Quiz on Moodle
  • revise for a short spot test on Monday 19th March

Composition (DRAFT Thursday 29th March / FINAL  Friday 25th May)
Start your Internal Composition Assessment for first hand in on Wednesday 21st (B) or Thursday 22nd (D)

Don’t forget the COMPOSING HUB

Brief: Internal Assessment Composing Brief

Logs: LOG (Rondo) / LOG (Incidental)

Haydn Rondo from Symph 2: SCORE