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Summer Homework

When you start year 13 in September, we will have three tests that you need to prepare for over the summer

  1. Development of the Symphony topics A-E – this is the foundational stuff that we will build on for the remaining essay titles (next FRIDAY – not Thursday as I said to C group)
  2. Haydn short answer (WEDNESDAY)
  3. Poulenc short answer (to make sure it is still in your brains after the summer break before we start on Debussy) (WEDNESDAY)

There are revision aids on Moodle (I am currently re-organizing the quizzes) and notes both there and on here. I would practice making notes for the Dev. of the Symphony and then test yourself to see if you have got them right.





Welcome to our new students.

I set some tasks over the summer for those students who came to our Welcome to College  day. For those students, I would like to take in your work on your first lessons NEXT week on Monday 10th (A group) / Tuesday 11th (group) :

If you have lost your induction pack or were not at the Welcome to College days you can download one here: Induction Pack. Do you best to get at least the Initial Performance Programme form done and get some of the Short History of Music task completed.

  1. Sign up to our blog on alevelmusic.com (you can also follow the links to Twitter and Facebook)
  2. Give the  letter to your parent/guardian(s)
  3. Put dates in your diary from that letter
  4. Make sure you have organized instrumental vocal lessons (email tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk urgently if you need to organize college lessons)
  5. Complete Performance initial proposals for your first music lesson
  6. Complete the Short History of Music tasks for your first music lesson (the links you need are here)

worries – email Tom Pankhurst (tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk)

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