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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 4 (w/c 27 April)

Video Introduction

Coming up:

  • This Thursday 30th: Timed Short Answer Test on Fourth Movement (Moodle)
  • This Thursday 30th: Rondo work-in-progress (including documentation on remaining WCT features added)
  • Next Thursday 7th May: Timed Mixed Short Answer Test on Movements 1-3
  • Next Thursday 7th May: Timed Essay on any one of Topics B, C, D or F (topics listed at the bottom of the page here)
  • Monday 11th May: Final Check of Rondo Draft
  • Thursday 14th May: Online Assessment: Musical Theatre Listening, Dictation, Short Answer on Haydn 104 (any movement), Essay on one of Topics B-F.
  • Thursday 21st May: Final Submission of Rondo


Everyone should have had feedback and be acting upon it. When you hand it in again this Thursday you MUST provide an audit of your progress. Please copy and paste the feedback I gave you and annotate it in a different colour, highlighting what you have and have not done and asking for clarification or help where you need it.

WCT (finish 1-4 before WEDNESDAY morning then watch the next video)

  1. Do Worksheet 4 on Moodle
  2. Do WCT Listening Worksheet 45 in WCT Aural Workbook 2 (files and explanations on Moodle)
  3. Complete the Moodle Quiz and Kahoot (linked to on Moodle)
  4. Review Movement 2 Essay and Short Answer
  5. WEDNESDAY MORNING- follow up video on worksheet (Review of Second movement / Review of answers to Worksheet 4)
  6. THURSDAY Short answer test [available from 9am – 10pm] on Movement 4 (prepare using annotated score, animated annotated score and do a Moodle Quiz on fourth movement to prepare for this)
  7. You could also look at the exemplar essay beginning on Moodle and continue it in the same level of detail.

Musical Theatre

There is a worksheet to complete on Moodle (please do so before before Monday)

Year 12 Remote Learning Week 3

Welcome Video

NOTE: Next THURSDAY there will be a test on Haydn Fourth Movement


If you handed it in on time you should have Feedback on Moodle by the end of today (Monday). If you haven’t, please let me know. I am working through the late and more complicated ones (i.e. ones on Musescore etc.) at the moment.

Please act on this feedback. You need to use the WCT Features Audit to help you add the remaining features. If you need help, drop me an email asking me to explain. Next time I take it in (on Thursday NEXT week – 30th April) I will want you to fill in a sheet updating what you have now added.

For most of you the work will be as follows:

  • Corrections
  • Adding missing WCT features
  • Improving textures (and changing them on repeated A sections)
  • Adding/improving a coda
  • Improving articulation and dynamics
  • Adding a D section (refer back to brief below)

WCT (finish 1-3 before Thursday morning then watch the next video)

  1. Do Worksheet 3 on Moodle
  2. Do WCT Listening Worksheet 13 in the booklet (files and explanations on Moodle)
  3. Complete the Moodle Quiz and Kahoot (linked to on Moodle)
  4. Watch the follow up video (NOW AVAILABLE)
  5. Review Movement 1 Essay and Short answer ready for the Internal Assessments in the week beginning 11th May
  6. NEW: Review movement 4 (now we have finished it) for a test next week. You might find the animated annotated score from before Easter helpful but I will also set some further review tasks on Monday

Musical Theatre

Download and print the worksheet on Moodle (it is also towards the end of the second Musical Theatre Workbook).

Use Video Part I and Video Part II to complete it

Year 13 Transition Work

Transition to Music at University

I have put up a page of resources and links to help prepare you for music at Uni. I will keep updating this page as the rest of the year unfolds.

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