1772 Haydn No. 47

1772 Joseph Haydn Symphony No. 47 in G major
Instrumentation Strings, 2 flutes, 2 oboes (and bassoon doubling bassline)
Movements I: Allegro (G) II: Un poco adagio, cantabile (D) III: Menuet al reverso (D) IV: Presto assai (G)
Overview A four-movement symphony in the ‘Sinfonia a 8’ configuration. This symphony is included on account of its interesting third movement.
Essay Points
D) 3rd mov. / Minuet Palindromic structure of both Minuet and Trio. The Minuet makes this deliberately and humorously awkward by placing accents and leaps in such a way that they really stand out when the material is played backwards. The trio, by contrast, is done very subtly in such a way as you hardly would notice the palindrome. Look at score of the minuet.

Listen to an extract from the minuet:

H) Drama / progr. Humorous treatment of palindromic structure as discussed above.
I) Melody / theme Use of palindromes in third movement as detailed above.