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Year 13 Xmas Homework


This is obviously your main priority. You need to revise:

  • Debussy and Poulenc set works
  • Ravel, Webern and Poulenc core wider listening
  • Make sure you are familiar with the focus styles of serialism/expressionism, impressionism and neo-classicism
  • Haydn all movements
  • Wider listening symphonies INCLUDING Mendelssohn
  • Essay topic A-G

Revision booklet provided in hard copy and also here

Patronage and Commission

Please complete this research task C Group / D Group by the end of the exam period

Year 12 Xmas Homework

Development of the Symphony

Complete the reading and research task on First movements (Topic B) on Google Classroom (due first lesson back in January)


Make sure you sort Sibelius at home so you can make your corrections on Project 6 so far in response to the feedback given. Also due in first day back please.

Year 12 homework w/c 7th December

Please do the Virtual Carols ASAP! Thanks


Please complete the compound period and tonic noise started in class and hand in on GC by the end of MONDAY. Just for String Quartet for the moment.

Review of Haydn work

Please complete the review tasks on Google Classroom (available from Thursday evening)

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