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Reference: Handbook and Info

Instrumental Lessons Forms
For the first half term, vocal and piano lessons are being delivered on site in the normal way but all other instrumental lessons provided by DPA will be provided remotely for a one-off reduced fee. We will then commence normal service after half term. Please let tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk if you are interested.

Click on the links below to view PDF extracts from the music handbook

Curriculum Information

Specification Overview

Component 1 – Performing

Component 2 – Composing

Component 3 – Appraising

  • Elements of music summary (brief summary of the elements of music that you will use in answering technical questions on extracts in exams – the focus here is on outlining what types of things you will say if asked to discuss, for example, melody)
  • Musical Theatre (AoS C) Comparison (framework for making comparisons in the A2 exam)

Conventions of the Western Classical Tradition (useful for composing in this style)

Rhinegold Study Guide  covers the new spec and relevant background in some considerable detail and it is recommended that all students should buy it (declaration of interest: I wrote the chapter on AoS E for this study guide). There is also a Spotify playlist with all the musical examples.

Moodle Resources for Starting Points and Areas of Study A, C and E

Moodle Resources for composition

There is extensive help on the Composition Pages to help with all aspects of A level

E Poulenc Revision Notes.

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