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Music Year 12 HW w/c 21st Sept.

For Next week (end of Monday 28th)

Complete the texture Exercise E2 that we started in class. You can either do it on paper or Sibelius (here on Google Classroom)

Please create a one-page poster entitled Haydn and the Classical style. It should outline the main features of the style, a brief outline of Haydn’s biography and mention a few key works. You should read the attachments and do any other research that helps. You can use pictures and basic graphic design to make it pretty! You should listen to some works by Haydn while you are doing this exercise – a symphony and a quartet would be good (here on Google Classroom).


Complete Exercise C1 in your workbook and upload a photograph of it HERE on Google Classroom.

Remember to bring your two-bar melody from last week to the Thursday lesson as we will be inputting it on Sibelius.

Year 12 w/c 14th September

For Next Week (end of Monday 21st)

Google Classroom Exercises

Please complete 1f, 2a, 2b, 2c and 2d (click on links to go to the relevant exercises on Classroom)
These are all quite short – you may need to look at the help pages in the front of the Starting Points booklet to check chord types etc (or click for notes on intervals, chords/figured bass and embellishments). If you are struggling PLEASE come to a workshop or contact me in advance of the lesson. Workshops are 11.20 on Mondays and 1.30 on Wednesdays.


Write a two-bar basic idea. Please read these instructions carefully! Look at the help here if you need it. Please bring this to the lesson on TUESDAY.

Your two bars MUST:

  • Be in A major
  • Be written in a string quartet score with the melody in the first violin and root notes and Roman numeral chord labels in the cello (don’t write any other accompaniment).
  • Use I in first bar, V7 in second bar (be careful that you treat dissonances correctly and avoid the rogues!)
  • Should be different (unlike the last exercise)
  • Have a tempo marking
  • Include dynamics and articulation (particularly short slurs and staccato)

For Thursday (end of Wednesday 16th)


Please have another go at writing a B2 exercise (2-bar idea on page 16-17 of Starting Points Booklet). Make sure you follow the instructions carefully and that your second bar is genuinely based on your first!

Google Classroom Exercises

If you have not already please do the intervals exercise 1b and the diatonic chords 1d.

Welcome to King Ed’s

I’m really looking forward to getting started. If you have joined us more recently and not had a chance to look at the transition materials then please do so. I look forward to meeting you on the week beginning Monday 7th September. A summary of homework tasks each week will be posted here.

Week 1

Please complete the Keys homework on Google Classroom before THURSDAY 10th

Before the end of the weekend, please complete the following:

If you are struggling then please make sure you contact me – don’t just not do the work. I am happy to see students on Monday if you email me for a time.

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