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Year 12 Homework

Assessments on Thursday 20th May

  • Short answer test on Haydn 104 last movement
  • Essay question on finales

As well as reviewing your work so far (use annotated scores etc.) please complete the following:

Short answer review of recap and coda (on Google Classroom – due for Tuesday 18th May)

Review of Essay Topic on Finales (set on Google Classroom on Thursday 13th May)


Draft Rondo due on Friday 14th May on Google Classroom

Year 12 Homework w/c 20 April


Revise for a short answer test on the SECOND movement of the Haydn on Tuesday 27th April

Composition (deadline Friday 30th April on Google Classroom)

NOTE: next week we will be adding another few features so don’t hand it in early

Write a storm episode for orchestra. Your orchestra should be at least the size of that for Haydn 104.

There is no set form and it need not be a complete movement (i.e. a fragment is fine) but it must use features covered in class and listed here.

Year 12 Easter Homework

Please make sure you have handed in your Rondo and your photocopies and programme for the Performance Assessment by WEDNESDAY 31st

AoS A and Haydn 104

Year 12 Homework w/c 15th March

Composition (Tuesday 23rd March – end of day)

  • Do the corrections on your last submission
  • Write a B section (see instructions on GC)


  • Complete Review Task on Movement 4 by TUESDAY. BEFORE THE LESSON


Please submit the form on Google Classroom either filled in or scanned. You can EITHER submit your music electronically as scans on Google Classroom OR as a printed copy to me. You need not resubmit music that you are repeating but clearly indicate below whether or not the piece was in your initial performance. Deadline is the last Monday of this half term. The performances will be in the week beginning Monday 14th June.

Year 12 HW w/c 1st March


AoS A – Western Classical Tradition

Year 12 w/c 22nd February

Also, please make sure you have finished the homework from half term:

Year 12 HW (w/c 25th January)

  • Complete the revision task on Google Classroom ready for the test on Thursday 28th
  • Complete the initial research task for Topic F (Orchestration) on Google Classroom. Due Tuesday 2nd February.
  • Complete your composition corrections and write a codetta (in the dominant). You should transpose it into the tonic for the coda and, if you want to be fancier, extend it. There are some notes on Codas at the bottom of this page There is then some more copying and pasting to make the recap. You need to copy and paste S1 at the end of your composition as it is. You need to rewrite your transition so it does NOT modulate. You then need to copy and paste S1 again to make the transposed S2, which is now the same as S1. A nice little extension would be to change S2 this time round to make the recap of it varied. (due Friday February 5th)

Year 12 Xmas Homework

Development of the Symphony

Complete the reading and research task on First movements (Topic B) on Google Classroom (due first lesson back in January)


Make sure you sort Sibelius at home so you can make your corrections on Project 6 so far in response to the feedback given. Also due in first day back please.

Year 12 homework w/c 7th December

Please do the Virtual Carols ASAP! Thanks


Please complete the compound period and tonic noise started in class and hand in on GC by the end of MONDAY. Just for String Quartet for the moment.

Review of Haydn work

Please complete the review tasks on Google Classroom (available from Thursday evening)

Year 12 Homework w/c 23rd November

Composition (submit on GC by Friday 27th)

Please complete the remaining bars (see booklet for instructions):

1) Augmented sixth in bar onto dominant pedal in bar 15 (already written) 2) Circle of fifths from 10-13 (back in your HOME key). Write the first two bars then sequence exactly – don’t make it any more complicated
3) Write a bar that leads nicely into your circle of fifths in bar 9
4) Rewrite your A section so that it doesn’t modulate (so from the s.d. onwards it is all down a fifth) and put that as the last eight bars

Preparation for assessments (on Thursday 3rd)

  • Complete review tasks on Haydn movement 3 (Revision then Revision Test on Google Classroom)
  • Use your notes to prepare for essay on Topic D (third movements)
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