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Year 13 Revision and Work

Final Countdown Schedule

You should be revising according to the schedule above:

There is some Active Revision set for the Week 6 which should be completed by Saturday 30th April. There are also materials to help with revision.

Coming up

  • Week beginning 2nd May – AoS E Unseen Practice Question (plus CWL 5-marker)
  • Friday 6th May – Final Deadline for Compositions
  • Tuesday 10th May – practice question (hybrid)
  • Thursday 12th May – MT Glossary test
  • w/c 16th May Final Practice Exam

Year 13 Half Term Homework


Performances are the second week back after half term. Do this set of activities on Google Classroom

  • Review Harmony and Tonality Essay Topic
  • Look at our Countdown Schedule and review the Haydn and Debussy segments that we are doing in the first couple of weeks.
  • You should also be doing more general revision of CWL pieces for the Twentieth Century and Essay topics more widely

Year 13 Music HW w/c 31st Jan

Continue with your composition for submission on Google Classroom by the end of next Monday (7th Feb,)

Remember: you are trying to make your work as beautiful and convincing as possible. Listen to it. Where does it not flow, or sound unpleasant? Can you improve these moments? Make use of dynamics and articulation in all instruments in the whole piece.

Revise for short answer questions on Debussy on TUESDAY 7th. Use the materials signposted here and upload evidence to Google Classroom.

Year 13 Music Homework w/c 24th January

Prepare for essay on TUESDAY 1st February using the Google Classroom assignment to help you

Continue with composition completion handing in on MONDAY please

Yr 13 Music Homework w/c 17th January

You only have two ongoing tasks this week:

  1. Power ahead with compositions on the basis of feedback. Hand in on MONDAY
  2. Do the reading and research for Patronage and Commission topic. Please START by reading the questions on the relevant sheet in your revision book (also copied on Google Classroom)

Year 13 homework

Work w/c Monday 13th December

On Monday there is a dictation and listening exercise on Google Classroom to do by the end of the day, I have signposted some revision resources in a short video here

Tuesday 10.30 IN PERSON
Please attend class to complete timed essay on Topic L.

Thursday – VIRTUAL
I will post some exam technique resources

The priority this week is COMPOSITION (due on Classroom by the end of THURSDAY)
Note: I am very happy to give quick feedback on emailed compositions before this deadline if you email me by the end of MONDAY

Work set w/c Monday 6th December

Classwork Thursday: Question 1 / Question 2

Prepare for the timed essay on TUESDAY next week (Topic L)

Work as hard as you can to get a completed composition in by the end of Thursday next week. I am very happy to look at emailed composition work anytime up to that point.

Work set w/c Monday 29th

  • Prepare for test on all three C20 Core Wider Listening works (Ravel, Debussy, Webern) on Tuesday 7th (set last week)
  • Make notes on Folk and national influences (Topic L). Use resources on Google Classroom and then upload your notes to this assignment by Sunday 5th December (we will have an essay task on this in the w/c 13th December)

(Last week’s due for w/c Monday 22nd)

  • Prepare for Essay on Topic A (Monday 29th)
  • Prepare for Debussy Short Answer test (Thursday 2nd)
  • Prepare for test on all three C20 Core Wider Listening works (Ravel, Debussy, Webern) on Tuesday 7th

Revision resources on Google Classroom:

(Last week’s work due for w/c Monday 22nd)

  • Do the Essay research task for Topic A (here)
  • Prepare for a test next week on Haydn 104 movement 3-4 (on THURSDAY)
  • Review the Poulenc ready for a test on TUESDAY

(Last Week’s work due for MONDAY 15th

Year 13 HW w/c 1st November

At the end of this half term you need to complete a FINISHED draft of your composition. The first task is to respond to feedback on the Sibelius file I sent you and continue work to hand in by the end of Monday 15th November. Hand in Sibelius file and update log. Submission here.

Year 13 Half Term Homework

There are three distinct things to do over half term:

  1. Complete the Poulenc introductory reading and listening work on Google Classroom
  2. Hand in your composition (by Wednesday in half term)
  3. Keep on revising Haydn, Essays and Debussy. Concentrate on your weak points. We will follow a revision schedule after half term, which I will share with you.

Year 13 Homework

REVISE for the Practice Exam next week

links and submission on GC

Composition (due Friday 15th October)

Continue developing your composition. Write some transition, development or coda material BUT you must document on your log on your use of a good range of features from the sources linked to from  https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/wct-fingerprints/. There are notes on codas and codettas, harmony and modulations alongside the WCT Fingerprints and advanced Romantic Harmony.

Year 13 HW w/c 20th September

AoS A (due by midnight on SUNDAY)

Complete the revision as per instructions on Classroom to help prepare for a Haydn Short Answer test on MONDAY. Link to assignment

AoS E (due by midnight on MONDAY)

Complete the Ravel review work on Google Classroom

Composition (due by 4pm on MONDAY)

Do corrections AND write a contrasting idea (second subject, another part of your story etc.). Please complete the log, updating your influences and attach. Next week, we are going to start filling in a proper log with WCT features etc. Submit on Google Classroom

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