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X – Info for Peripatetic Teachers

Any problems or questions – email me on tom.pankhurst@kedst.ac.uk 

Urgent Notices

Term dates

  • Autumn term: 12th September – Thursday 15th December
  • Spring term: Wednesday 4th January – Thursday 30th March
  • Summer term: Monday 17th April – Wednesday 12th July (year 13 finish 12th May for exams)

College is closed or teaching is definitely not possible on the following days:

  • Monday 17th October
  • Friday 12th May

Students not in on the following days but teaching may continue by arrangement if necessary

  • Friday 21st October
  • Friday 31st March
  • Friday 14th October
  • Wednesday 7th June

There will be disruptions because of exams on the following days lessons can continue but must be arranged with student in advance:

  • Year 13 Mocks – Wednesday 4th – Friday 13th of January
    • Wednesday 4th – Friday 6th 
      Year 13 (Exams – students may or may not be able to attend their instrumental lessons – you need to email students to arrange)
      Year 12 (Students have online consultations on these three days so it is unlikely they will be in. You need to email students to arrange)
      Monday 9th – Friday 13th 
      Year 13 (Exams – students may or may not be able to attend their instrumental lessons)
      Year 12 (Students have a normal timetable and should attend as normal)
  • Year 12 Exams – Wednesday 10th – Friday 19th May

Information on Course

Performance Assessment Deadlines

  • Friday 7thOctober Year 12 Initial Performance – deadline for programme Submission and scanned copies on Google Classroom
  • Friday 21st October Year 13 deadline for programme and scanned music for practical assessments on Google Classroom
  • w/c 7thNovember Year 12 Initial Performances
  • w/c 16th JanuaryYear 13 Performance Assessment Mocks
  • Wednesday 8th February Year 13 Performance Showcase
  • Friday 4th March Deadline for Year 12 Internal Performance Exam programmes and photocopies
  • March / April Year 13 Assessed performance (dates allocated by Eduqas in February)
  • w/c 4th July Year 12 Internal Performance Exams and Rehearsal

Performance Assessment Information

Assessment Criteria (the criteria used by the external examiner to mark the recitals)


  • Year 12 Initial Assessment: 4-6 minutes / 1-2 pieces
  • Year 12 Internal Performance: 4-8 minutes / 2 or more pieces
  • Year 13 Performance: 11-12 minute performance / three or more pieces including selections from TWO different AoSs below

Performance Areas of Study

A Western Classical Tradition Any piece from the early Baroque (ca. 1600) to the late Romantic (ca. 1900)
B Rock and Pop For the purposes of performance, this area of study covers any piece of popular music (but not Musical­­­ Theatre or Jazz) written since about 1950. It also covers styles not ordinarily considered pop such as folk music.
C Musical Theatre Any piece taken from the Musical Theatre of the twentieth or twenty-first century
D Jazz Any jazz piece from ragtime through to contemporary jazz and styles which fuse jazz with other genres.
E Into the Twentieth Century These two areas of study cover any piece of music written since 1900 that is clearly part of (or has strong links to) Western Art Music (what is informally referred to as ‘classical’ as distinct from popular styles of music). Music from non-Western and folk traditions are not covered by these AoSs.
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