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1758 Stamitz Trio Symphony in E major

1758  Johann Stamitz Orchestra Trio in E major, op. 5
Instrumentation Two violins and continuo
Movements I: Allegro (E) II: Adagio (e) III: Menuetto (E) IV: Presto (E)
Overview This galant style Mannheim work is written so it can either be performed as a trio (i.e. chamber music) or with multiple string players as a simple orchestral piece.

Look at the full score.

Essay Points
F) Dev. of orchestra The orchestration of this work shows clearly the link between symphonies and earlier chamber music. Like many of the Baroque composer Corelli’s concertos the music is in a simple three part texture with continuo support that works equally well with chamber forces (single strings) or in a public concert situation (orchestra).

Listen to the beginning of the minuetto:

The general sound and orchestration is very similar to Baroque orchestral works by composers such as Corelli (here is a link to one of his pieces on Youtube)

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