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Year 13 HW w/c 5th Feb

!!!Homework is COMPOSING!!!

I would like both of your pieces in on Moodle on Thursday 15th and a printed copy of the Composition 1 (WCT). In addition you must please fill out a cover sheet for both pieces of work and either print it off or attach it on Moodle. You can use this coversheet template if you wish or use your own, but it must explain the structure (including the narrative for any film scores) and mention main influences. If you want feedback in the meantime, please email me your file and questions.



w/c 2nd January

Please submit compositions on Moodle by end of Tuesday:

– corrections on Composition 1

– composition 2 if you did not submit before OR you have made some progress!

Make sure you revise for test week after next – details in last homework below.

Year 12 HW w/c 18th September

Homework for Friday

Finish the Chords Exercises for the lesson on Friday.


Complete Basic Idea sheet either for the lesson on Wednesday / Thursday


  1. First two bars are ALL chord (twice as long as last time)
  2. Second two bars are ALL chord IV or and must be the same as bars 1-2 but adapted for the chord

In order to write the first TWO bars follow these instructions and THEN write the second two bars. Ignore the chord just stick to I for the first two bars

New Year 12 (starting Sept. 2017) Summer Homework

I hope you enjoyed your Welcome to College Day sessions. We have asked you to complete a couple of tasks by the time of your first music lesson in September

  • Short History of Music Task 1 and Task 2(listen to the Sample Tracks on these pages)
  • 02 AS Initial Proposals
  • Brush up on your basic theory (keys, chords, intervals etc.)
  • Make sure your instrument is in good working order
  • Make sure you have signed up for instrumental or vocal lessons at college or you have arranged weekly lessons with a private teacher approved by the college.


A2 Homework w/c 13th February

Please complete the final fingerprint (except Bells and Whistles) on Phrygian and Plagal cadences and make sure that you have completed all the others that we have done as well.

Please submit a completed draft of your composition by the end of FRIDAY on Moodle.

Please write an essay comparing the Cage and the Rag Bhairav in terms of rhythm, melody and structure (yes I know – two pieces but three parameters – it is deliberate)


Year 12 Homework w/c 6th February


See instructions on previous week for completion of composition at least up until the recapitulation of the first subject. Please remember to label  sections.

Preparation for Monday 13th

Prepare written notes as follows:

  • Brief composer biography and details on the piece.
  • Listening notes on a particularly evocative short passage and how it achieves its effect

Table 1: Strauss – Don Juan [youtube link]

Table 2: Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique (Movements 2 and 4) [youtube link]

Table 3: Liszt – Prometheus [youtube link]

Table 4: Beethoven – Symphony No. 6 (Movements 2 and 4) [youtube link]

Year 12 Homework w/c 16th January

Symphony (before the beginning of the lesson on Wednesday)
Update your ‘Development of the Symphony’ notes (under ‘Your Notes’ at the top of AoS A on Moodle). Delete the old file and replace it please with your new one. You need to add as follows. (location of files to help you in brackets)

  • Update your Stamitz notes with his Op. 3 No. 2 first movement (annotated score on ‘Allegro scores ..’) as a featured work
  • Add C. P .E. Bach and his E minor symphony as a featured work (annotated score on ‘Allegro scores ..’)
  • Add Beethoven and his Symphonies 3 and 5 (in ‘WCT Listening Exercises’)

Composition (for end of Friday)

  1. Make corrections to your Allegro Theme 1 and resubmit with ‘corrected’ in the filename in the same place. Add at least a couple of secondary chords (e.g. ii-V, vii6-I, vi-ii, IV or V). You can read some notes on secondary chords here or on the Composition Moodle.
  2. Write two fragments of development in two different closely related keys to the key of your Allegro theme and using a motivic fragment from that theme. You should use at least two of the following development ideas: sequence, inversion, augmented sixth, pedal, imitation, call and response repetition. The two fragments do not have to follow on but they can and you can either write for string quartet or add some wind and brass. The Haydn development from Symphony 104 is our model and you can follow it quite closely if you wish.