Rondo Composition (Project 7)

Write a short Rondo in a major key for string quartet. It must follow the outline below and
include at least one example of each of the WCT Style Features. The basic
structural model is a shortened version of the finale from Haydn’s Symphony No. 2, one that
can also be found in countless other Rondo movements. The piece should be at least TWO
MINUTES in length.

See Rondo Overall Structure Examples to get further ideas on tweaking the basic structure below.

Use the more general String Quartet Texture resources to find alternative textures


Opening idea using a standard phrase structure.

Use the Rondo Theme Examples to get inspiration.


This 12-16 bars must:


The same as the A SECTION above but with the modulation taken out so that it ends in the tonic. You can make small modifications if you like but it should be broadly the same.


At least 24 bars that provide thematic, textural and tonal contrast. It is recommended that you go into the tonic minor for this section (you could modulate to another related key as well) and finish on the dominant so it leads naturally back into the tonic major for the next section.

Apart from using reduced textures in general you might also begin this section with an imitative texture.

* optional extension *

  • A’’ (modified version of A modulating to a new key)
  • D (new contrasting section following on in new key and staying there or modulating further before returning to prepare for A return)


This can be identical to the first two sections but it would be more interesting to make some small changes (but definitely not to the first few bars which must be a clear return)


This can start the same as the original A’ section but it should be extended by a reasonable length coda

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