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Year 12 HW w/c 20th September

Exercises on Google Classroom (Due Thursday at 4.00)


Please have at least one try at Exercise B2 on page 18, following all the instructions carefully. SIMPLE IS GOOD! Remember that the second bar should be CLOSELY based on the first.

Scan / photograph and put up on Google Classroom here

Yr 12 HW w/c 13th September


Please complete exercises 1d, 1e and 1g on Google Classroom by 4.00 on MONDAY (these will appear on Classroom at 4.00 on Friday)


Please complete the following homework on Google Classroom by 4.00 on Thursday

Welcome New Students!

Welcome to our new Year 12 Music students!

I am looking forward to meeting you. There is not much you need to do yet but:

  • Make sure you attend the music enrichment and lessons session at 12.15 on your induction day in Chambers (opposite the main hall)
  • Respond to your Google Classroom invite (https://classroom.google.com/c/MzIwMjgyMjU3MjAy?cjc=xga66e6) and fill in the Induction Questions.
  • Think about how you are going take advantage of our heavily subsidised music lessons either on your first study or (if you really want to stay with a current private teacher) on a second study. You could support your music studies with voice or piano lessons, for example.
  • There were some transition materials here: https://alevelmusic.com/as-handbook/year-11-transition-to-a-level-music/ but they are very much optional
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