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Year 12 homework (set Friday 29th April)

Rondo Final Review
Due to delays in getting your work back this week (plus concert and bank holiday) I am extending the final deadline for the Rondo until Friday 13th May (at the end of the half-week of exams). Next Friday (6th May) I will take in all work for a final review before this deadline.

Next steps might be …

  • adding a D section
  • making some small changes to the reprise of the ABA (after the C section)
  • adding a coda

For most of you some of the following are things that you need to consider:


Revise for the test and essay next week using the resources here

Year 12 Music HW w/c 4th April and EASTER

EASTER WORK (due Monday we get back)

Note: I have slightly changed our published schedule. Both the Haydn Movement 4 Short Answer and the Finales (Topic E) Essay will now be in the SECOND week after Easter (w/c 2nd May) and those will be the last timed assessments before the Internal exams.

Year 12 Homework w/c 16th March


You need to do corrections and write a C section by the end of TUESDAY next week (on Google Classroom). Rondo notes to on A level music.

Essay work

Make notes on readings, ALM development of the symphony and video for Harmony and Tonality essay topic. (on Google Classroom). We will look at this in class on WEDNESDAY 23rd March and there will be a timed essay on WEDNESDAY 30th March.

Short Answer Revision

You need to revise the first and third movements for a short answer test on Wednesday 6th April. You should use the revision videos (links here), and your annotated scores to make sure you know these movements really well. I will set some revision tasks next week on Google Classroom but make a start now on some basic review.

Homework w/c 7th March

Complete your Rondo Composition tasks (this week)

Prepare for a test on MOVEMENT TWO on WEDNESDAY with the following resources:

Year 12 Half-term Music Homework

Essay research for Topic C on Google Classroom (due for end of Monday 28th February)

  • Use the research frame to read and listen on the Development of the Symphony pages
  • Make notes on the readings on Google Classroom
  • Submit your research notes#

We will do a timed essay on Wednesday 9th March

Composition finishing (due for end of Tuesday 1st March)

Any problems – please email me.

Review work on Second Movement (due for end of Tuesday 1st March)

Year 12 Homework w/c 31st January

Composition (stitching together the development) Due Friday 11th on Google Classroom

  • Exposition Codetta (copied and pasted) – same as final coda that you have already written but transposed up a fifth / down a fourth into the DOMINANT (can be changed / cut down a little to make it a bit less final)
  • LINK (new)  – This is new. 4-6 bars that are a modified repetition of some element of the codetta including pivot to new key
  • Dev 1 (written already) – Circle of fifths in a related minor key
  • LINK (new) – modulation incorporating parallel motion (i.e. 3rds or 6ths)
  • Dev 2 (written already) – antiphonal texture (chords in middle of texture with melody alternating above in treble instruments and below in bass instruments)
  • LINK (new) modulation incorporating parallel motion (i.e. 3rds or 6ths) or a modified idea from before including a pivot to the new key
  • Dev 3 (written already) – dominant pedal (dominant of original tonic)

Revise for a short answer test on Wednesday 9th (final review and resources on Google Classroom)

Plan and submit your Year 12 Internal Performance paperwork (due on March 4th)

Year 12 HW w/c 24th January

Revise and prepare for an essay on Topic B (first movements) using the suggestions on the Google Classroom assignment as your starting point. The essay will be done in class ON WEDNESDAY 2nd.

Complete the composition tasks for this week by the end of TUESDAY. EVERYONE must hand something in please.

Year 12 HW w/c 17th January


Year 12 Homework w/c 10th January

Haydn and the Symphony

  • Review and revise the exposition that we covered in class (you can always use the annotated score to help you)
  • Complete the review task on GC by the end of Monday
  • Review your notes that you did on Topic B (on Classroom) and add in the details that we did on Stamitz and CPE Bach in class


Make your corrections and hand in by the end of MONDAY on Google Classroom

Year 12 w/c 13th December and Xmas HW



  • 10.15 – Haydn Short Answer test (plus dictation) in class

Homeworks (to start in class)

  • composition (some of you have not handed in your 16-bar period)
  • research homework
  • both due in at the beginning of next term.
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