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Year 12 w/c 13th December and Xmas HW



  • 10.15 – Haydn Short Answer test (plus dictation) in class

Homeworks (to start in class)

  • composition (some of you have not handed in your 16-bar period)
  • research homework
  • both due in at the beginning of next term.

w/c 6th December: Class and homework

Please complete as follows:

Classwork 1 (hand in by end of class)

Classwork 2 (hand in by end of class)

Classwork 3 (hand in by end of class)

Classwork/Homework (start in class / finish for next week)

You also need to do the revision homeworks already set for next week: Revision 1 / Revision 2

Homework w/c 29 November

Note: we will have a short-answer test on the Haydn in the last week of term.

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