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Year 12 Homework w/c 5th October

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Composition for next week (due end of Monday)

Complete Composition Project 2 – an 8-bar period. As before please do the melody and cello playing a simple bass parts with chord labels. Please SCAN or SCREENSHOT and submit for review by the end of Monday. We will then input on Tuesday in the lesson.

Starting Points D2

Finish the ii6/5 – V – I exercises we started in class (scan and submit on Classroom)

Composition (ready for the lesson on Thursday)

Using your two-bar melody as the starting point, complete Composition Project 1 (just melody and bass notes in cello part for now). Don’t do anything overcomplicated! There will a short amount of time in class for putting this in Sibelius and submitting it but no more than 15 minutes. I shall come round and check you have brought the work finished to class on paper or on a music publishing tool.

In addition to the instructions in the booklet, please note the following:

  1. Please end the melody on the tonic note on the first beat of the bar
  2. Please end with a PERFECT cadence using the progression studied in class ii6-V-I
  3. Write the melody in the first violin of a string quartet score
  4. In the cello part, just put bass notes AND CHORD LABELS

Texture exercise E5 (for Monday next week)

Please complete – here on Google Classroom (Sibelius file attached to assignment)

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