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Year 13 Homework w/c 5th October

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Please annotate and update your Poulenc Scores according to what we did in class. This is summarised on Google Classroom (C Group / D Group)

Mendelssohn and Haydn Comparison

Compare the use of sonata form in the first movements of Haydn’s Symphony 104 and Mendelssohn’s ‘Italian Symphony’. Read through the notes attached first (on Google Classroom) and listen to both movements with the relevant scores before completing the assignment.

Composition for Next Week

I want you to concentrate on adding and documenting the following for next week:

  • At least one new texture that you have found in an existing piece on ALM or Moodle (there are LOADS of influences on Moodle for you to find)
  • At least one developmental idea (where you fragment/modulate/combine some thematic material)
  • At least one other influence taken from an existing piece.
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