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Year 12 Remote Learning Week 12

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Summary for work for this week

For the lessons in college you will need your DEBUSSY scores please.

If you have got behind – PLEASE make sure you catch up now while there is time.

Coming up
This week: performances, Haydn short answer on movements 2 & 3,
Final week (mon./tue. only): timed essay on overall form (Topic A), mini test on AoS E, mini musical theatre test, deadline for serial composition sketch and film cue sketch

Into the C20 (AoS E)

  • Complete Debussy Nuages Revision Worksheet (on Google Classroom)
  • Composition Task. You need to complete the Serial composition – there is a video on it here. The basic task is to generate a matrix (set of serial rows – generator here) and then to use the pitches to write a piece. See brief on Google Classroom.


  • Short answer test on Haydn movements 2 and 3. Will ONLY be available on WEDNESDAY.
  • Complete your research for essay on overall form (Topic A). There will be a video to help you consolidate later in the week

Also there is the virtual concert choir piece to do here and your practical work to prepare for NEXT WEEK.

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