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A2 Homework – w/c 12th October

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Complete at least one section of music on Moodle by the end of Friday 23rd October, noting carefully on the Moodle submission which influences you have used and what the music you have written represents.

Finish exercises for FP2, making sure you avoid making the same mistakes as in previous weeks! I will take this in on Wednesday 21st October

Write an essay on the following title: “Discuss how Williams makes this music accessible and memorable whilst at the same time making it distinctive and magical”


  • you need to make 10 points illustrated with bar numbered examples
  • make sure you read the notes in the resources folder on the Music A2 Moodle


1. Mark your partner’s essay, giving a double tick for any answer with an example and a single tick for a more general answer. Fill in the three relevant boxes on the essay header sheet. You don’t need to give an overall mark.
2. Listen to the Ellington and read the background notes in your pack

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