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Year 12 HW w/c 27th September

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Homework for MONDAY 4th October

Final four-bar composition exercise (on Google Classroom)

Complete the four-bar texture using the template on GC. If you really can’t get it done on Sibelius then write out and scan or do on something else and upload a PDF. You must:
– write a melody in the violin with ARTICULATION and dynamics
– write a second bar CLOSELY based on the first
– create a simple bass line and texture using either SQ1, 3a 3b or 4 from here: https://alevelmusic.com/alevelcompositionhelp/writing-and-developing-a-simple-classical-theme/stage-4-texture/string-quartet-textures/ as a model
– finish stepwise onto the tonic for your cadence

Homework for Thursday

Please complete the following:

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