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Year 13 Homework w/c 15th October

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Work set last week for this week


As you prepare for the first Draft Portfolio Submission you need to consider the three things that will help you improve the most:

  • Including textures that you have stolen from other pieces and DOCUMENTED on your log
  • Including WCT features that are DOCUMENTED on your log
  • Making sure that your ideas are proper musical gestures with dynamics and articulations.

AoS E (C: Tuesday 2nd / D:  Wednesday 3rd)

Review the Debussy using the tabular summary in the Year 13 Revision Guide and the annotated score on Moodle. We will be doing review and summary tasks in the Tuesday/Wednesday lessons next week.


Make sure you review THIRD movement of Haydn and essay topic (D) for this week’s lessons please

Work set this week for NEXT and beyond

On Wednesday 24th (D) /Friday 26th (C) we will have a 30 minute timed essay on ONE of SECOND or THIRD movements.

In the first week week back after HT test there will be a test on both Poulenc AND Debussy set works in the Tuesday/Wednesday lesson.

For next AoS E lesson please review Debussy using annotated scores and table in revision notes.

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