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AS (G) Homework set week commencing 15th September

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Workshops for help with homework Tuesday and Thursday at 1.15

Starting Points

On Tuesday I will take in Exercise 13

Please submit bars 9-18 of the Starting Points Quartet composition exercise as a Sibelius file on AS Moodle by the end of WEDNESDAY (under Weekly Submissions – attach the Sibelius file and make sure you click on submit when you are done)

Vocal set works

Create a Coggle for Locus Iste that we started in class:

  • Use this Coggle Template (or adapt the one you started). You will need a Google/Gmail account to do this
  • Look at the GSMIRTH Short Guide in your handbooks to help you
  • You must add at least two features of the music per category
  • Either email me a PDF of your Coggle before the lesson or bring a print-off to hand in
  • You will find performances of Bruckner’s Locus Iste on Youtube
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