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Year 13 Homework w/c 30th October

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Composition 1 (by the end of Friday)
Make corrections according to feedback and continue with this composition, which needs to be finished by the end of term.

Composition 2 (by the end of Tuesday 7th)
Fill in the attached planner and submit some initial ideas on Sibelius. You have filled in a version of this planner before but many of you have changed your ideas since then, so I am asking for a new one. If you have no substantially changed, you can amend the old one and submit that.

WCT (for Thursday 9th)
Please look at the Mendelssohn Finale Worksheet and do the activity at the top.  You can listen to the extracts on the relevant development of the symphony pages (Berlioz and Schubert). You can use your own score of the Mendelssohn but it is also included at the end of the worksheet. The track for the Mendelssohn is on Moodle (and of course Youtube)


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