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Year 12 Homework w/c 30th October

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Composition Exercise (for the end of TUESDAY 7th November)

You need to submit three orchestrations Haydn’s Minuet Hob. IX: 20 No. 8 (back page of starting points booklet). Each one must replicate as the orchestrations of the following pieces:

  • Johann Stamitz Op. 5 in E minor (here)
  • Anton Filtz Symphonie Periodique No. 2 (in the Minuet sourcebook)
  • Joseph Haydn Symphony 104 (in the Minuet sourcebook)


NOTE: there are Sibelius files ready prepared for each of these arrangements on Moodle under the AoS A: The Western Classical Tradition topic under the Movement III – Menuet and Trio heading in the Minuet Composition Files folder.

The work should be submitted on Moodle in the Composition Sketchbook topic at the bottom of the page.

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