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Starting Points


Starting Points is a six-week programme to hone your knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Keys and modulations
  • Chords and labelling
  • Melodic embellishment and dissonance
  • Four-part harmonisation of cadences (and voice-leading)
  • Basic phrase structures
  • Composing a basic melody
  • Writing basic string quartet textures

Week 1

Week 1 Exercise a (Notes: Keys and Key Signatures)

Week 1 Exercise b (Notes: Intervals)

Week 1 Exercise c and Exercise d (Note: Chords and Figured bass)

Week 1 Exercise e (Notes: Melodic embellishment)

Week 1 Exercise f and Exercise g




Cadences (four-part chorale harmony)
Notes on 4-part cadences

Audio for exercise E1:


Writing melodic phrases
Melody writing resources

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