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AS Music Homework – Group BD – w/c 19th October (work for half term)

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Composition (Tom’s group)

Devise a scenario that might inspire you to write a Darkness to Light composition (i.e. sunrise or a psychological breakthrough or a film scene in which the forces of light triumph over the forces of darkness)

Look on the composition resources Moodle and find at least two specific passages of music that you can take ideas from to represent darkness and two that might represent light. You need to be specific in your descriptions of the music and what aspects of it you are going to take. You can further pieces taken from Moodle elsewhere if you wish. Please use this Pro Forma also on Moodle) and submit it on Moodle in the ‘Influences and Planner Submissions’ folder on Music AS moodle by Sunday teatime before the beginning of the next half term.


1. Write a short essay comparing the Haydn and the Bach in terms of their harmony. This is for Wednesday 4th November

Please note the following:

  • structure the essay around the harmony comparison questions (one paragraph for each question addressing both works)
  • read the Edexcel and RG notes on the Music AS Moodle in the resources folder for Bach and Haydn so that you can generalize your answers, using the specific passages that we have looked at for examples

2. Write two short paragraphs outlining some examples of how Haydn uses humour in the last movement of his quartet. You need to read at least sources 6 & 7 in the resources folder on Moodle to deepen your understanding of this quartet

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