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A2 Tasks for the Easter break

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Ensure you have completed your composition submission by this  FRIDAY with a printed score and coversheet as well as the score uploaded onto Moodle.

Remember that your recitals are just after Easter – you should be doing lots of practice, particularly in PERFORMING these pieces all the way through at the correct speed and really communicating the character of the music through dynamics and articulation.


You must complete Edexcel 2011. You may also complete 2004 and 2010. Please complete carefully, making sure that there are no mistakes. There should be absolutely no parallels between soprano and bass or missing accidentals. These mistakes are unforgivable!


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Ensure that your anthologies contain all the features listed in the Revision Notes. You should also read through Edexcel and Rhinegold notes (all on Moodle)

Try writing both of these essays by hand and in NO MORE than 20 minutes each with no preparation time, although you will be using your annotated anthologies:

  1. Identify features of the Quoniam from Haydn’s Nelson Mass that would help us to date this work.
  2. Discuss how Wagner’s prelude to Tristan and Isolde introduces the central drama of the opera.



There are self-study materials available on Moodle for listening – make sure you keep your ear in practice both over Easter and during exam leave.

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